Meet the 3 NEW Goo Flavours for Spring 2019!

March 2019 sees the addition of 3 NEW Goos to the successful Kiana range. After intensive testing throughout last year we have selected 3 stand out flavours to add to the amazing range. Pinkberry Smoke, Isotonic Supreme and Krill Supreme will be unleashed from 23rd March… just in time to play a part in your Spring fishing.

Pinkberry: this is a Smoke variety, and although it has a mild fruity smell, it is actually deceptively potent. Like some of the other more recent Goos from Kiana, it has a milky, pastel colour, giving it a marshmallow-pink colouration. As well as being a popular choice with carp anglers, it will also find favour with those who fish matches or for other coarse species.

It is a Smoke, but isn’t a super-thick consistency so it will work well in colder water temperatures, below 16 degrees, as well as it will do in warmer ones.

It will work really well in PVA bags, or smeared onto the outside of your groundbait on a Hybrid feeder, and you won’t need to use a lot of it to make fish home in.

Ali Hamidi commented: “This will get you bites when the chips are down and it has an electric smell and taste to it, and it really is a unique blend.

“The great Rod Hutchinson always said that during the colder months you want something that can almost electrocute the carp into action, and the Pinkberry is definitely like that,” he added.

Isotonic: this Supreme variety is quite unique in that it actually has very little colour to it, but during testing it has been incredibly effective.

It has a fruity, ester smell to it and is strong enough that it catches the back of your throat when you sniff it, and it is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, to basically create an Isotonic Goo ‘sponge’ which can be used in any water temperature!

During testing it has proven to be very effective at getting quick bites, even when fished over large beds of bait, and has also had a knack of picking out the bigger fish.

Ali Hamidi revealed: “Isotonic has been the one that we’ve used most whilst filming Monster Carp, and in my mind it is already one of the best ones ever.

“Even when fishing over big beds of bait, anywhere in the world, this will get you quick bites. Sometimes highly attractive liquids will get a quick bite but often off of the smaller fish on your spot, but using this one we have been catching the biggest fish in some of the lakes that we’ve fished, and it has really been a revelation.

“This really is one Goo that I would use 365 days of the year, absolutely anywhere that I go, and I’ve caught in a very wide range of water temperatures using it.”

Krill: this is a name that needs no introduction as krill has been popular in carp fishing for a few years now.

Some anglers like to match attractors with the bait that they use, and this has got a really fishy smell to it so will match up well with fishmeal baits – but can also be combined with sweet or fruity ones. It is a Supreme, so is perfect for soaking into hookbaits, and will penetrate right to the centre of them over time.

Kiana spend a lot of time developing the blends of ingredients which make up a Goo, and this one has unique smell and taste, which will generate quick bites. It has already proven to be very popular – and successful – for those who have field-tested it.

Ali commented: “This isn’t one that I have used a lot yet myself, but for any fans of fishier smells and tastes, this is going to be a real winner and is going to be a really effective catcher of big carp.”