New Goo Launched!

Phase one of our exciting spring launch takes place this week, with most tackle shops receiving stocks of the brand-new Goo variants and the Pop-Up Maize.

The new Goos extend the Kiana Carp range for six to 12, and the new releases include the much-whispered-about Almond Supreme Bait Smoke and Almond Power Smoke. As well as the Almonds, which feature heavily in the success of Ali and Tom’s haul for Underwater 8, the range also includes four other blockbusters, which are, Mystic Spice, Strawberry Kick, Caramel Cloud and Halibut Haze. These new Goos WILL help anglers take apart your waters this spring, so ask yourself, do you want to watch on from the sidelines, or are you going to get on the Goo?

The Pop-Up Maize is the eagerly awaited second release in our Fake Food range. As with the popular Pop-Up Corn, the maize comes in four appetizing flavour combinations, all of which have been very much on the ‘secret’ list for the last decade or so. They comprise I.B, Banoffee, Fruity Squid and Citrus Zing. These flavour combos have been used by Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and friends for years, taking the doubt out of the equation for you. We already know that they work superbly well, now find out for yourself! The Maize is, as you’d expect, a little bigger than its corn brother and makes an excellent hook bait or tipper.

All the new stock is being sent out to shops today (Monday) and will be on shelves by tomorrow in many stockists and shortly after in the rest! Get your hands on it before somebody else bags up on your lake with our new bits!