New Goo Launched!

Six new exciting new Goo variants have been added to the Kiana Carp range, and you can grab them from today, at your local Korda stockist.

Here’s our rundown on the new additions, which are sure to be extremely popular…

Garlic Glaze
This Goo is all about smell and taste. It sits somewhere between the thinner Supreme and thick Power Smokes, and has quite a subtle colour. Don’t be fooled by the colour though, because this Goo packs a real punch, pumping taste and attraction from its orbit around the hook bait.

Garlic Supreme
The thinner of the two garlic Goos. This one will cut deep into your hook baits and kick out taste and attraction for hours. Used in combination with a thicker, Power Smoke you have instant, as well as long lasting attraction, making your hook bait stand out from the loose feed.

Caramel Supreme
Many of you will already have used the incredible Caramel Cloud Power Smoke. Well, this dark, sweet liquid is its thinner brother. Being a Supreme, it penetrates deep into your hook baits (even nuts!) and pumps out a feed-inducing signal for hours.

Squid Supreme
Both the intense pink squid versions were brilliant in fieldtesting. This is the thin version, which is perfect for soaking your hook baits in, as it easily cuts into the hardest of baits, penetrating right to the middle. Once the Supreme has soaked in, turning the baits a bright pink colour, then you can coat the baits with the thicker Spicy Squid Power Smoke, which can then be dried onto the surface of the baits, giving you attraction in several dimensions.

Spicy Squid Power Smoke
This pink Power Smoke is packed with savoury attraction and once dried or glugged on, it kicks out an awesome orbit of attraction around the hook bait. The Squids tripped up one particular carp in consecutive sessions during fieldtesting that hadn’t been caught for two years previously!

Coconut Cream
People had been hassling us to produce a coconut Goo for a long time but, believe it or not, we’ve been fieldtesting this one for nearly three years! We’ve had three versions and this is the one that has produced the best results for us. It’s not really thin like a Supreme and it’s not really thick like a Power Smoke, it’s somewhere in between, a bit like Corn Twist. It will cut into a bait a little, and it will also sit on the outside quite well too.

So there you go, change the shape of your spring by being one of the first to use this new range of Goos on your water!