New Gigantica Beast

Gigantica never ceases to amaze us at Korda, it keeps throwing up new surprises, week after week. This story is no different; the lake has gone and produced another 70lb plus fish!

Michael was on hand to help Johan with this incredible capture and tells us the story.

“Only two people were on the lake this week, both of which were from the Netherlands. I must admit, I was a little worried that they might struggle, due to the sudden drop in temperatures. Finding fish in 35acres of water, with depths of around 25ft, is never an easy task, especially in late November.

So, like I do at the beginning of every week, I ran through everything that happened during the previous week, leaving no stone unturned. Harold decided to start in Oblivion but after a few nights with little action, he opted to move into Baxters Hole, after seeing fish showing consistently in that area.

Johan started off in The Stock Pond swim, fishing into Kingfisher corner, which produced a few bites during the weeks previous to his arrival. His first night was successful, producing a beautiful, golden, 24lb common. The following night was very quiet all over the lake, then just before first light Johan landed a wood carving of mirror, weighing just over 23lb.

On the Thursday night, both guys spotted fish showing ridiculously close to the bank in front of them and carefully noted the spots for future reference.
The last night was soon upon them and Johan decided on a gamble with one rod, casting a bait just 10 rod-length’s out. Believe me, casting 40 yards is a brave move when you have so much water in front of you, but then fish were there.
Moving into the last night, a torrential downpour hit, it lasted all night and carried on into the early hours of the morning. Just before sunrise a Delkim began screaming and rudely interrupted a deathly silent Gigantica morning, which at the time, was still like a millpond.

Straight away, Johan was met with a dead weight. The fish was plodding slowly around out in front before eventually nearing the bank. There were a few scary moments as it tried to seek refuge in the marginal trees but luckily Johan kept his nerve. Realising it was a big fish, he really didn’t want to lose it, and kept the pressure on, before slipping the net under the fish.

Johan called me over and as I looked into the net, it was clearly going to be a very, very big carp; possibly seventy plus. Knowing the stock well, like I do, I knew it wasn’t Fudge’s, Single Scale or Drop Tail, which was strange as it certainly looked every bit their size. I had been chatting with Danny the week previous, about the potential 70lb plus fish now swimming around and it was a scary thought. This had to one of the ‘possibles’.

After some close inspection, it became apparent that the fish was one called Shparky, last out in 2010 at 51lb. Incredibly, it had managed to go three years without being caught. Even more incredibly, it pulled the scales round to 73lb! The fish had put on 22 pounds during that time, which leaves me wondering what else could be swimming around in there? There’s certainly going to be more surprises to come yet.”

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