New Embryo website launched

The Embryo project, which buys and leases fisheries to be run as affordable venues with local anglers in mind, continues to gather pace with the launch of a brand-new website at www.embryoangling.org

Containing news, updates, videos and information on the Embryo waters, the website is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in joining one of the syndicates or wanting details on the projects, which includes providing otter fencing for at-risk fisheries.

Embryo founder Danny Fairbrass explained: “Firstly, the website is there to show prospective members what waters are available to join. Secondly to record what the venues are producing so we can keep up with growth rates and the general success of our management policies.”

“Thirdly, as an information portal on fencing and predation to help people make the right decisions on protecting their fisheries. That’s just a start, I am sure it will evolve at an alarming rate!”

In recent weeks, Embryo have announced the opening of two new venues: the lakes at South Ings Lane in Yorkshire and Stanton Harcourt in Oxfordshire. Membership applications for Stanton are currently being accepted – applicants should email Elaine@korda.co.uk with ‘Stanton Application’ in the title to receive the application form.

The website was designed by Leicester web designers Herdl (www.herdl.com), who kindly donated their services free-of-charge to the project, which is being run as a not-for-profit enterprise.

Matt Pettitt, Embryo’s fishery manager, said: “We’re really happy with the finished website, the guys at Herdl surpassed our expectations. We’re looking forward to keeping people up to date with what we’re up to and providing a point of contact for the Embryo community.”

For more info on the lakes, head to the news archive section on this website.