NEW Embryo lake now taking members...Plus read about Dannys recent "superb social session"

Embryo Angling Habitats is proud to announce it's latest syndicate lake is now taking members. Crown Country Park, Yaxley just South of Peterborough is a beautiful park lake that has been recently stocked (read below for stock details). For more information and memberships call: 01268 285987

Danny F recently enjoyed a superb social session fishing with his old pal John ‘Grebo’ Willis... read on for the full story:

Crown Country Park is a beautiful park and the lakes have been left with almost no fish in them for many years, we changed all that last winter by stocking 370 amazing carp from 6-25lbs, with many of them being 15lbs plus. The stock is so varied and so amazing in its blood lines that it is set to be a real jewel in Embryos portfolio.

The main lake is 15 acres and has only 8 swims at the moment, embryo contractors Rob and Bucko have worked tirelessly to create platforms into the extensive marginal read beds so anglers have safe and convenient places to fish from. The steep banks on one side have been a challenge and you will find some swims a bit of mission to get to this summer, we hope to create two more swims and new paths down to the waters edge over the next year or so.

The back lake will be on the same ticket and is about 3 acres. It has not been stocked yet, but there are now about 70 carp in the lake that crashed through some reeds that join it to the main lake only at high water levels. These will be moved back as they are caught.

Both lakes are deep, especially the main lake, on one side its 30 feet deep a couple of rod lengths off the reeds going down to a fairly flat 45 feet just 40 yards out. Fortunately, there is only in one swim that has no shallow spots at all, it's at the bottom of the stairs in the middle of the East Bank. All the other swims have depths of approximately 12 feet on the marginal shelf sloping down to 20 or 30 feet between 20 and 50 yards out so I guess all the fishing in summer will literally be under arm casting down to your left and right margin. Then, as winter approaches the deeper water will definitely come to life and I suspect it will fish right up till Christmas in 30-40 feet of water.

In spring the extreme shallows off the back of the islands and around the shallow shelf on the West side of the lake will definitely rule if your fishing on the bottom and of course adjustable zigs will catch a lot of fish, just as they do at our other deep complex South Ings near Hull.

The lake is currently not fenced, and it was amazing how quickly the Otters have found these fish. Due to the ground nesting bird season and late notice of taking the lake on, we are not able to fence until the Autumn of 2018 and we fully expected the fish to be totally safe in the meantime as the lake has not had any number of fish in for many years. We underestimated the tenacity of this apex predator and they have enjoyed some free hunting in the last few months. We lost a handful of fish to predation, now the weather is warmer and the carp are far more active the losses have seemingly stopped and when the fence is complete the fish will be safe forever.

Tactics wise I recommend you keep it simple, we fished small 12-14mm pop ups really close to the deck with tiny bags filled with a tea spoon full of mixed pellets. We used lead clips and helicopter rigs and found both to work as the fish are not used to rigs at all. The results this year will be immense with so many hungry and naive carp in both lakes.

We fed mainly 10mm pellet, a high oil high protein feed from Coppens that fish farmers use. We have a new freelance Fisheries Officer called Richard Holden who has been policing the lakes and feeding up to two sacks of these pellets almost every day so the fish are properly switched onto them. Because the fishing is all under arm casting range you can throw 10mm pellets far enough to most spots, the furthest spots may need a catapult but thats it, no spodding or throwing sticks required, easy fishing…….

The fish we caught were often crapping out pellets on the matt showing they are properly switched onto them. We are selling them on to members at our tonnage rate of £1 per kilo so a 25kg bag and a pot of small pop ups could get you through the whole summer. All we ask is the members use the pellets on Crown instead or scoring them for a french trip or similar, and that they throw in a healthy amount when they leave to help grow the fish as quickly as possible. This has been happening at two of our Oxford syndicates, ‘Phils’ and ‘Cables’ and the fish are packing the weight on. People power is so effective and makes the fisheries first class with loads of big fish in no time at all.

‘Grebo’ lives in Ibiza so hasn't fished for about 15 years so naturally I put him in the flyer, he got straight back into the zone and had 11 bites in the first afternoon and next morning as we opted not to fish at night! His biggest from the left hand island swim was 26lbs which we are going to name after him, it's a pukka carp from Simon Scotts VS fisheries and I'm sure it will be 30lbs by Christmas. There were about thirty twenties stocked and I expect them all to be 30’s within three years.

I had two twenties on the bounce along with some stunning doubles that all pulled my arm off in the deep water. Both of us fed more scoops of pellet after every fish and baiting definitely increased the action for us. We both lost a few fish and realised that it's better to let them run out into open water rather than getting on the rod too quickly. It's weird looking at the rod bucking over in the rests and not hitting it, but when they took line it improved the angle of pull and kept the hooks in better, otherwise all the battle is right under your rod tip and the angle of pull can pop the hook out.

After the first night’s kip I continued to catch but Grebo's swim dried up completely so when my action slowed I wound in and took a tour of the lake to have a proper plumb of the other swims. To my surprise they were not as deep as I expected, bar one, and whilst plumbing I saw herds of carp charging up and down the opposite margin to where we were set up. When you know you’re in the wrong spot you have to move, which with a cameraman in tow was even more of a mission, but we did it. As soon as we relocated we knew we had done the right thing. With only an hour of daylight left Grebo had four more fish up to 26lbs with several others just under 20, the sport was amazing and he had some proper tussles with them.

I went one down from the Carp Park corner which is a mission to get down to with the barrow, but I did it. I had found a killer spot down the right hand margin when markering earlier that day, it was 12’ next to the reeds and a rod length off it was still only 15’ so it had to be a shelf than juts out a little before the abyss. I had a fish off it that evening and even more encouragingly I had another immaculate common just shy of 20 from my left rod in the super deeps, it must have been 20 feet deep 6’ off the reeds but I still baited it with loads of pellet and fished a flat lead on a running lead clip with a 14mm white pop up and small bag of pellets, standard tactics really.

The next morning I had three more stunners off the killer spot down to the right and Grebo had three more from car park corner all under his feet in 12 feet of water. That's a great swim with far margin spots in 13’ of water that he didn't even need to try as his near margin spots left and right did more bites than he could handle at times, with two in the same net more than once.

So, whats the price, I hear you cry! As with all of our lakes there are two rotas to choose from: Midweek or Weekend.

Midweek: can fish any time day or night between 10am Monday morning to 10am Friday morning.
Weekend: runs 10am Friday to 10am Monday.

This ensures people will be fishing every day of the week rather than Friday being rammed and Tuesday being empty. The price is the same for each rota at £75, yes you read this right, seventy five pounds for the year! The idea is we take on lots of members so the lake is fished, baited and policed constantly whilst the fish are easy to catch. As the fish grow and the lakes get busier we will reduce the number of members and increase the price to mirror our other successful syndicates, but for the first few years the price will stay low to encourage lots of anglers to have a go!

As with all our lakes there will be concessions for juniors and senior citizens. We will start with a relatively high number of members, weighted toward the midweek rota. We know from our other syndicates that less people fish during the week than at weekends. Everyone must sign in and out and record captures so we know how busy the lake is and if the fish are growing well. This way we can regulate the membership so the lakes are never full but also never empty. The signing in book will be in the eco toilet we have installed for anglers only in the new anglers’ car park right by the big lake.

All you have to do is call the embryo number give your details and we will send out a full application form. You won’t be able to fish until the payment has cleared and paperwork is received, however we get this turned around as quickly as humanly possible .

A month before renewal time next year you will be invited to rejoin providing your conduct at the lake has been satisfactory the previous year. This is a country park and is used by everyone from local runners and dog walkers to families having a BBQ in the warm weather. As such you must treat them with the respect you also deserve, your swim is your responsibility and you must take all your rubbish home as well as anyone else's that's been left in or around your swim. True anglers are patrons of the countryside and as such should work hard to keep it looking nice. I take a litter picker with me every time I go and get an enormous sense of satisfaction by making the lake a better place for me being there.

I have already taken bags of rubbish home to recycle as has Richard our fisheries officer. Litter has been a problem as has illegal fishing but with your help we shall keep this beautiful oasis as a peaceful and tranquil place to enjoy some quality fishing.

There will be a film of our session via korda.co.uk and YouTube in a couple of weeks, keep an eye on social media for the links…..

We expect places to fill fast especially on the weekend rota: so don't delay, get on that phone - 01268 285987