New DVD Out Now

There’s an exciting new DVD on the market. Lifting The Lid picks up the baton from our very own Underwater filming, taking a look at one of the most popular day-ticket fisheries in the UK, from a very different angle. Mark Bryant and Richard Farnan tackle Hardwick Smiths lake on the Linear Fisheries complex as underwater filming expert Stuart Morgan films their every move. The footage uncovers just how accurate we are with a marker float, how effective our rigs are and how our baited spots actually look underwater.
You can learn along with the two guys as they adjust their tactics to try to outwit some Oxford carp. Although the film provides a clear insight into the approach needed to crack Hardwick Smiths, it’s also information that can be applied to many, if not most, gravel pits in the UK and abroad.
The running time of the DVD is 104 minutes, with and additional 20mins of bonus footage. Check out the website www.liftingthelidon.co.uk to see a video sample and to buy the DVD!