New Challenge, Same Result - Myles Gibson

Myles Gibson has been in touch to tell us about the latest big carp that he has banked in what has already been a spectacular year…

“After catching the big Cheshire common I was after, I was torn between two really special carp to have a go for next. One was a real scaley 40lb mirror in the Cotswolds and the other a real classic chunk of a carp in Cambridge. After a few messages I had managed to secure a ticket for the Cambs pit and the following week I travelled down for my first session!

On that first trip I managed to see a few good fish show and also managed to hook two but lost them both in the savage weed. I was gutted about losing fish but happy that I’d managed to hook a couple on my first trip. Over the course of the next two sessions, both being three-nighters, I managed to hook another one, this time it went my way and I landed a lovely 28lb 6oz mirror! The following week I arrived at the pond around midnight on the Monday and soon heard fish showing. I set up in the swim closest to them, and having already fished the swim, I had spots noted down. So, by around 01:30am two rods were flicked out on stringers and I got my head down for a few hours. Nothing happened over the next 24 hours although they weren’t too far away at all through the night.

The next morning I had been watching the water hard and around mid-morning I spotted some small patches of fizz in the swim to my left. After watching until it stopped I wound my rods in and went for a wander with my marker rod. I found a small, cleanish area about 100 yards out and it lined up perfectly with where I had seen them fizzing. I moved into that swim and soon had a couple of rods rocking on the spot over 3kg of whole and chopped Connect Baits All Season Red. At just gone eleven o’clock I had a take on the left-hand rod that resulted in a 27lb 8oz mirror. I soon had the rod back out on the money, only for it to be away a couple of hours later. A really slow, heavy battle then ensued until, about 20 yards out, the fish started going mental, stripping line from the spool on powerful runs. Thankfully all held and she was soon in the folds of the net. “Good ’un that is,” I though to myself and it turned out to be one of the A-Team and one off the wish list… the Big Head Mirror at 42lb 6oz.”

Well done Myles, we’re sure that another big ’un won’t be far away!