New Carp Book Launched!

There’s a new carp book on the block and the foreword is written by our very own Simon Scott. Finding The Time To Cast is a collection of fascinating chapters written by big-carp anglers who share one thing, they all have their fishing opportunities limited by work, family responsibilities and real life!

This pleasantly chunky book has been complied by carp angler Chris Currie and the twenty chapters feature outstanding contributions from top anglers like Matt Eaton, Jim Mathews, Jon Pack, John Elmer and Rick Golder to name but a few of the better known ones. The chapters written by lesser-known guys are every bit as engrossing though! It’s a big book that’s sumptuously illustrated with exclusive drawings and maps, produced by well-known angler and professional artist, Gordon Howes, which give it a definite aesthetic appeal.

Chris told us a little about the attitude that inspired him to produce Finding The Time To Cast, “This book is dedicated to the huge majority of anglers; those that spend their time tenuously juggling an obsession for this magical sport with the rest of their busy lives. Finding The Time To Cast was borne out of frustration, after the many years of getting in from a hard day or night’s work and settling down to flick through a magazine, only to be met with the inevitable 'time-equals-fish' mentality spread from cover to cover.
I felt it would be refreshing to finally read tales from people who had work as well as family commitments in most cases intertwined within their fishing obsession. Within these stories there are certainly the usual successes, failures, mystique and of course plenty of frustrations, but surely this is what makes it exciting? There are anglers who are 'faces' for want of a better word, who will be familiar to the reader, and other guys who have never written before but all have one thing in common; they all are remarkable and have spent many years plotting and chasing special carp. Some of these fish might not be familiar to the reader but all are awe-inspiringly beautiful and are respected by most anglers, who enjoy fishing for proper English thoroughbreds.”

Well, the book certainly comes well recommended and it’s reasonably priced for a big book, at £27.99 (plus P&P). If you want a copy then don’t hang around, as there’s a limited number available!

You can buy it from the Calm Productions website, www.calmproductions.com, or order it over the phone by calling 0208 320 3886 / 0845 408 2606. Alternatively, you can buy the book from selected retailers such as The Tackle Box in Dartford and Yateley Angling Centre or order it off Amazon.

Chris has also produced a limited run of leatherbound books, which retail at £200. They’re silver-etched and come with a slip case a free delivery, so if you’re a book collector then you’ll want to check these out before they’re snapped up. As with the hardbacks, the leathers can be bought from Calm Productions.