New Cambs Embryo water open to new members!

Exciting Embryo news as we are pleased to announce the opening of another syndicate - Cawcutts Lake in Cambridge.

Cawcutts is a mature 16-acre gravel pit located next to Histon on the outskirts of Cambridge. Those of you who regularly endure the A14 will be familiar with the lake as you can see it from the road next to the Holiday Inn hotel. Cawcutts hasn’t been formally open to angling for many years but it’s a pretty lake with a couple of Islands, tree lined banks and clear blue water.

There are 15 - 20 original fish in the lake including a handful of 30lb commons present - these are all very distinctive chestnut fish. Further to this we have added 240 new fish, provided by Heather fisheries and VS Fisheries. The bulk of the stock are between 9-12lb with 33 being between 15lb and 25lb. As you can see from the photos, the fish are a bit special!

Embryos fencers extraordinaire Stuart and Rob have installed an otter fence and carpark and we are working on creating 17 swims. The lake is being looked after by local angler Dave Buck, he and his team have done a great job in helping us get the site ready.

As with other Embryo Lakes we are going to run two syndicates with 30 anglers on each; one covering 10am Friday to 10am Monday, and weekday members starting at 10am on Monday running until 10am on Friday. Both syndicates will be priced at £175 for a ticket. We have already had a lot of interest from local anglers so if you are interested in joining get in contact with Tim@embryoangling.org who will provide you with more information and an application form.

Cawcutts is set to become a great little water in the coming years, we are hoping to open for fishing in February so if you’re an interested local angler please get in touch.

Look out for more on Cawcutts over the coming months and check out http://www.embryoangling.org for more info on the Embryo project.