New blood for Embryo Angling's Cawcutts Lake!

Embryo Angling Habitats is continuing to ensure that the waters in its portfolio have a bright future, by investing even more in top quality stock – and the majority of the recently introduced fish have weighed over 20lb!

The latest Embryo water to receive a boost to its existing stock was Cawcutts Lake, near Histon, in Cambridgeshire, which is run as a syndicate. Just before Christmas, twenty fantastic looking VS Fisheries C6 carp were introduced to the 16 acre lake, including some lovely scaly mirrors and linears.

This gives the lake a fantastic mix of different strains, with ten or so original commons up to mid-20s already having been complemented by a further 240 fish during 2015/16, and a good number of those have grown on to well over 20lb already.

Out of the 20 new fish, 16 of them topped 20lb, and it won’t take long for the others to reach that size. The stocking consisted of the following fish: mirrors of 24lb 12oz, 24lb 6oz, 24lb 4oz, 24lb (linear), 24lb, 24lb, 23lb 8oz, 23lb 5oz, 23lb, 22lb 6oz (linear), 22lb, 21lb 6oz (linear), 20lb 10oz, 20lb 3oz, 20lb, 19lb 8oz, 19lb, 18lb 8oz. Plus commons of 23lb 2oz and 19lb 12oz.

Embryo founder Danny Fairbrass recently landed a 17lb 12oz mirror from Cawcutts, which has piled on a very impressive 7lb in just a year, and he was also present when the latest stocking went in, enthusing: “It was great to be part of the recent stocking, especially as the fish were so big and impressive!

“They all look like growers to me, and I suspect some of them may hit 30lb within 12 months, especially considering the growth rates we are seeing from last year’s stockies. I had a VS Fisheries fish recently that weighed 17lb 12oz, which was stocked at 10lb just a year ago.

“The future is very bright for Embryo Cawcutts, and I don’t think it will be many years before we have a good head of thirties. It’s an interesting lake too, with each swim getting a decent amount of exclusive water to fish.

“The members that I have met are great, and the bailiff team works very hard to keep the place pristine, with a welcoming, positive atmosphere.”

The latest introductions take the total stock to around 270 carp, and multiple catches of twenties are now common, so it is no wonder that the syndicate is now full and a waiting list is in operation – even that is filling up fast, so if you are interested make sure you get your name down sooner rather than later! There are only 45 places on the syndicate, split between weekends and weekdays. For info on tickets, email: info@embryoangling.org

Embryo’s second objective is to help fence as many waters as possible up and down the country, either at a low cost relevant to the waters income, or even for free if the water is under threat from predation and simply has no profits to pay for their own fence. In the first two years we have fenced no less than nine independent waters and of course five of our own, with many more in the pipeline for the coming 12 months.

To support this ongoing commitment Embryo have produced a high quality angling calendar, with amazing images from both its own waters, and others all around Europe. It shows the moon phases throughout, including the 'hottest' days when you really need to be angling, plus a superb quote from Simon Scott about the fish’s behavior in each month.

From every sale, £7 of the £7.99 goes directly towards fencing lakes that cannot afford it themselves - roughly equating to one metre of fencing, with Embryo’s contribution included. Look at your purchase as a donation to an amazing cause that will literally save a fish’s life!

No one has taken a profit from it including the shop you buy from so my thanks to all concerned for their generous contribution. We hope you all see it as an easy and rewarding way to contribute to the sport we all love. The calendar is available from all Korda stockists or via Korda24: www.korda24.com