Naked Chod Result - Richie Lofthouse

Richie Lofthouse has been enjoying a prolific run of form on his Essex syndicate recently, and he’s been in touch to tell us about another cracking result.

“I arrived at the lake late on the Sunday evening at around 7pm for a 24-hour session. The lake had only done two fish that weekend, both low twenties. I decided to have a walk round to an area that gave me a good view of the lake. It wasn't until around 8.30pm that I made my decision. Fortunately, I saw quite a few carp show at long range in front of a free swim.

So, I headed round there and rigged all three rods up, naked choddy style. I prefer the 15lb Mouth Trap, because it’s easy to use and plenty strong enough for the job. The size-8 Choddy hooks are a proven favourite too. My hook baits were the new Mainline High Impact IB pop-ups and each rig was cast the 120 yards needed to reach the feeding zone.

As I settled down for the night I could hear carp crashing out over my high-attract single hook baits. I woke at 4.30am to watch the action unfold. I saw around 25 shows in the general area that morning until finally at 7.30am my left-hand rod pulled up tight and I played out what felt like a heavy fish that didn't do much apart from hold bottom and plod. I was happy when she finally went in the net and saw that it was the big zip linear that lives in the pit. At 31lb 10oz she looked in great condition for a carp of nearly 40 years old, which is a credit to the members new and old.”