N-Trap Silt - Out Now!

After the previous two colours were so well received, we’re pleased to announce that the final N-Trap Soft variant, Silt, is now available. This particular colour been designed to blend in among the host of blackened debris, decaying weed, chod and, of course, silt on most lake beds. The robust coating has a matt finish that won’t reflect the light like most coated braids. Try it for yourself – hold up any other coated braid and you’ll find them more reflective than N-Trap Soft. This is something that the development team were really keen to prioritise after seeing just how vital rig camouflage can be during our many hours of underwater filming.
If you’ve got a spool of each N-Trap Soft colour in your box then you can rest assured that you’re covered for camouflage on most lake beds that you’re ever likely to fish over, in the UK and abroad. The inner braid is incredibly tough because it’s a bullet-proof Dyneema, which gives N-Trap subtlety and incredible strength.
N-Trap Soft Silt is available in three breaking strains – 15lb, 20lb and 30lb. You’ll find it in your local tackle shop right now!