Myles Meets Magoo - Myles Gibson

Myles Gibson has been among the big ‘uns again recently. Targeting Stoneacres, on the Linch Hill complex, he banked this extremely elusive forty, called Mr Magoo. Myles has written the full story for Carpworld magazine, which will appear in the next issue, so watch out for that.
Myles has banked 53 fish while targeting one of the two biggest fish in the lake, Bite Mark and Choco. After a disastrous run of fish losses from the margins, Myles turned his attention to the centre of the lake, baiting a spot heavily with particles and boilies. To prevent his long-range rods getting picked up by tench, Myles used a special snowman rig, which he details in the Carpworld article.
This led to the capture of Magoo, a carp that had only been caught three times in five years, it’s last capture being 27 months ago! The stunning mirror weighed in at 42lb 4oz, and we’re hoping that Myles manages to bank one of his targets before the winter! Good luck mate.