Myles' Maggot Whacker

One man who’s been on fire in 2014 is Cheshire rod, Myles Gibson, and his run of form looks set to continue after he took a three-fish catch from Christchurch on Linch Hill Leisure Park last week.

He braved torrential rain and seas of mud to tackle the famous day-ticket water for a three-day session. After fishing his first night in The Plate, Myles was able to secure the in-form Lifebuoy swim, next door after the angler who’d been in there left. After leading about, Myles found a smooth area at around sixty yards, which he thought would be perfect to deploy his maggots over.

He squeezed two Solidz bags onto the spot, filled with maggots, and presented a trimmed-down brown pop-up over the top, using a single red fake maggot as a hair stop. He banked a cracking 28lb half linear on his first morning, proving that he’d made the right move.

After topping his swim up with maggots, Myles went on to bank cracking mirrors of 31lb 4oz and a session-making beast of 41lb 4oz over the next two nights.

Myles’ successful rigs comprised size-six Wide Gapes, knotless knotted to a three-inch section of 15lb Dark Matter Braid. He used a small shrink-tube kicker to help turn the hook, along with a piece of silicone tubing to trap the hair to the shank. The rig was attached to a five-inch section of Kable Leadcore and Myles opted for a 5oz Flatliner Pear lead, fished drop-off style inside the solid bag.

Who’d bet against him bagging another big ‘un before the end of the year? Not us, that’s for sure!