Myles Gibson lands an amazing haul of four 40s in two trips!

Three 40s in a session is a tremendous result at any time of the year, let alone during the winter!

Myles Gibson tackled Linch Hill Fishery, in Oxfordshire, to tempt the trio along with a beautiful 35lb 6oz linear, and that followed his capture of a common known as the Baby Perch at 42 lb 6 oz on his previous two night session, which came just before he packed up!

This time he didn’t have to wait so long for some action, as he explained: “I headed back down to the lake after work on the Sunday, and it had gone midnight by the time I had a couple of rods out.

“I still had them measured out and clipped up from the previous trip and managed to get back in the same swim. I was awoken by a take just a few hours later and soon had the net under another huge looking common. It weighed 42lb 2oz and was one that I didn’t recognise.

“Then just after 11am later that same morning I had another take and was blown away when yet another huge common rolled near the net. This time it was one that I did recognise and it was the Box Common, but at 45lb 6oz was much bigger than I expected!

“Late that evening I caught a stunning 35lb 6oz linear and then managed to lose one the following day.

“On my last night a bite came late evening again and after an epic battle I landed a mirror that had a huge frame, and that tipped the scales at 40lb 11oz to finish off an amazing session.

“It was crazy and in terms of big fish it is the best session that I’ve ever had, especially at this time of the year!”

Myles baited heavily with 12kg of Sticky Baits’ new Manilla boilies and corn during the session, and caught all of his fish on small balanced hookbaits, which he makes himself. Size 4 or 6 Korda Wide Gape hooks fished in conjunction with a 5oz lead did the trick for Myles.

A couple of his fish came to PVA bags, using inline drop-off leads with a 20lb Dark Matter hook link. The rest came to 20lb N-Trap Soft fished with a lead clip and 20lb IQ fluorocarbon leaders, with Touchdown main line.