Myles catches Dinton's 'The Ghost', live for our cameras!

There’s no stopping Myles Gibson when it comes to catching big carp, with his latest chunk falling whilst he was being interviewed and filmed on the bank!

Myles was fishing at the famous Dinton Pastures, in Berkshire, and talking about his recent success on the venue, when true to form, one of the ‘A team’ picked up his bait and he landed a 38lb 6oz mirror known as the Ghost!

He explained: “Coming into this session off the back of a hit of eight fish has put my confidence through the roof. Success in carp angling can come down to very fine margins, and having sky-high confidence will, without doubt, stack the odds in your favour.

“I arrived at the lake after dark on Sunday, and with the light gone, I dropped back in the same swim as I’d had the previous week’s success in. I had been fishing simple hinge stiff rigs, tied with N-Trap for the boom section, and Mouthtrap and Choddy size 4s made up the stiff section. I was fishing very long range to an island, at around 180 yards, so I needed to use 0.30 diameter line, shock leaders and 5oz Tournament Casting Swivel leads to hit the distances required. During the previous session, all my bites had come off one rod, just off the tip of the island, so I deduced that the carp were very localised in that area, at around two hundred yards range. I quickly got the rods out before bed and although I wasn’t overly happy with them they would do for the night, but I would be up early to redo them properly at first light.

“After the rods were re-done and I was happy, I was finally able to settle a little and enjoy a few cups of tea. The day passed without event, but by the evening it was looking perfect for a bite and the anticipation began to heighten. Within a few hours, this intuition proved correct as the right-hand rod signalled a bite. I slipped and slid my way down the steep muddy steps to reach the rod and was soon doing battle with an angry carp. A short but healthy battle resulted in me slipping the net around a low twenty mirror, a great way to kick the session off. After last week’s action coming thick and fast, I was sure I would be on for another bite, so I re-did the rod as soon as the fish was safely returned.

“The next day arrived without any further action, but knowing the rods were bang on the spots and having great faith in both the buoyancy, and long term flavour leakage of the Krill pop-ups I was using, I left the rods in place for the day.

“The lads from Korda came down to make a film, so after a few brews with them, we set about shooting some footage. Around halfway through the shoot the right-hand alarm again let out a few beeps and at that range, that was all I needed to know a fish was on.

“The fight was long and dogged, with the fish taking what seemed an age to come in from the long range I had hooked it at. After what felt a lifetime, I had gained enough ground on the carp to catch a glimpse of what was clearly a big fish. A few more twists and turns, and the odd skip of a heartbeat, and I managed to coax the large yellow frame of the sizeable mirror over the net cord. The guys on the bank had a better view of the fish during the fight so they already knew it was a big carp, a quick glance back to them and they were all smiles.

“Wanting to capitalise on what might be a short feeding spell, I carefully secured the fish and re-did the rod before we took photos of the large mirror. She spun the needle to a healthy 38lb 6oz, my biggest fish from the spot to date. I was buzzed with such a great result, but with bigger fish out there swimming around, I knew I was on the path to catching more of the lakes gems.”