My PB Common - Neil Spooner

I turned up to the lake just on dusk to find that the area I really fancied was already taken by two other anglers. I dropped into another swim that I had been trickling some Mainline Cell into and after a pretty uneventful night I reeled in to try and find some fish.
At about midday the other anglers had left and I managed to get into the area that I had been baiting consistently and really felt confident.
I fished all three rods over towards the far margin on short Chod Rigs incorporating Size 8 Choddy hooks, 15lb Mouthtrap and a 1.5oz square pear lead.

Two of the rods were fished on Bailey’s special corkballers, both on spots that had produced on my previous trip and the other on a 15mm Cell corkball that using the equivalent of a magician’s sleight of hand I extricated from Tom Doves bag!

This was fished towards an overhanging tree and baited quite heavily with about three quarters of a kilo of 14 and 18mm Cell.
After about an hour I was talking to another member when I had a few bleeps on the stolen pop-up, I then watched the bobbin fall to the floor and was on it in a flash.

Straight away the tip was nodding and shaking all over the place and I asked if there were many tench in here as I was sure I had one attached. Once the fish was about 20 yards out it just stopped, to the extent that I thought I’d had found an unseen snag. It then kited round to the right before succumbing to steady pressure and was soon holding deep and charging angrily up and down the margins.

It was obvious now that I was either attached to a world record tench or that it was possibly a carp! Kyle did a fine job with the net and at the first time of asking scooped up my prize. I still didn’t know what was in the net but when he turned round with a big smile on his face to inform me that it was the biggun I was totally blown away!

Upon the scales she went 39lb exactly and was a new personal best common. She behaved impeccably for the cameras and before long was powering off back into the lake. The session finished the following morning at 7am but before it did I managed takes on the other 2 rods with an 8lb mirror and a 23lb 6oz common.

I went to work with a big grin that morning!

Neil Spooner