Mr Consistent Strikes Again - Jim Wilson

Mr Consistent, Jim Wilson’s been back down to his deep Cambridgeshire syndicate, and he’s been catching again! Here’s how his latest session unfolded…

“As you can imagine, after my last trip I was keen to get to my syndicate water for another go, and managed to sneak down late after work on Wednesday evening. I spent a good couple of hours looking and found the fish spread out enjoying the first really warm spring sunshine. I found three distinct groups of fish, all of which were really well spread out around the pit. I eventually settled on a swim, and having watched the fish in the safety of the snags, they looked as though they could be up for a feed, so I baited quite heavily with Mainline’s awesome Hybrid boilies and matching Response and hemp pellets.
The first 24 hours were really slow; I had a few liners, but no bites were forthcoming and I was really starting to get itchy feet and looking for a move, then around six thirty in the evening, just as I was about to start throwing kit on the barrow, my left-hand rod pulled up and line ticked off the clutch. After a typical deep-water battle I landed a 29lb common, which really put my mind in a spin about a move. I opted to stay put and topped the spots up.
From that point until 9am the following morning when I packed up to leave, I landed five more fish, including a brace of thirty-pound commons, weighing in a 34lb 6oz and 33lb 12oz, along with two other commons weighing 29lb plus.
All the fish fell for either mini Milky Toffee pop-ups or homemade fruity specials on hinge stiff rigs, comprising size-8 Choddy hooks, 20lb Mouth Trap and booms made from the silt coloured N-Trap Semi Stiff.

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