Mouthtrap Magic - Adrian Sprittles

April is our annual trip to Sandhurst and as a group of nine friends; we book the whole lake for a 48-hour session. After a couple of walks round, we had the draw and all headed off to our chosen swims.
As soon as I arrived on the island, which was my designated swim, I saw something carpy roll in front of me. That was enough for and I soon sent a hinged stiff rig out made up with the new Mouthtrap, chod filament, which will be available very soon.
Within 20 minutes that rod was away and I was really pleased to be off the mark with an 18lb common.
That kind of changed my plans a little and I soon had two rods out on this set up over a baited area. I had just about got sorted out and sat down when the other one ripped off - this time a 30lb 2oz mirror was the culprit. After having two fish fairly quickly, the word soon got round the lake and it wasn’t long before a few of the lads were also on the Mouthtrap stiff rigs.
Gary, who was on the island with me, grabbed a spool and soon had some tied up. After an hour or so, he had his first take on one! Over the weekend he became a “chod filament convert” having four 20s to 27lb and with 2 hrs to go he managed the magnificent Nige’s fish at 40lb 2oz after moving a rod onto a spot he had been baiting up over the weekend.
Dan was top rod in the end with 10 fish which also included two 30 pounders, after Neil had set him up with a quick stiff-rig school. In total, 37 fish were landed over the weekend including six 30’s and a 40 - all but one of the 30s coming out on the Mouthtrap. Maggots still put fish on the bank for us but by far the chods and hinged stiff rigs were out fishing them over beds of Cell. It was a fantastic weekends fishing with a lot of 20lb plus hard-fighting fish around.
For a couple of the “chod filament converts” in our group it was the first time playing around with stiff rig links - after seeing some of them since the trip they have now been well and truly converted!

Adrian Sprittles