Monster on a Mixa - Myles Gibson

There surely can't be a better test for the strength and reliability of a hook than landing a 63lb catfish on it. That's exactly what Myles Gibson did, on a tiny size 12 Korda Mixa hook. He was targeting St Johns Pool on the Linear Fisheries complex in search of an early spring carp or two.
Knowing that zigs can be really prolific on there at that time of year, Myles flicked out a black-foam and cork combo from the middle of the Social Bank. His zig rig consisted of 6lb Korda Kruiser Line and the aforementioned size 12 Mixa hook. After losing another suspected cat, Myles found himself attached to a fish that he just couldn't edge closer to the bank. With his line marker going in and out of the tip ring for a few minutes, Myles began to suspect that a big cat was to blame. This was confirmed when a huge pale shape hit the surface at range. After a twenty-minute battle, Myles slipped into his waders to get past the marginal weed and slid the 6ft-long moggie into the net, just!
With Jake Wildbore on hand, Myles weighed the beast at 63lb 10oz and posed for a few snaps.
It just goes to prove the strength of these hooks that were originally designed for floater and zig work, but have found favour as a bottom-bait hook with the likes of Danny Fairbrass. Give 'em a go yourself for open-water fishing, you won't be disappointed!