Monster mirror for Nick Longpre at Teillatts!

Nick Longpre had to wait a few days for his first bite from Les Teillatts, in France, but when it eventually came it was well worth the wait as it was this huge mirror of 75lb!

The venue is renowned for producing some very big fish, especially commons to nearly 90lb, and when we last spoke to Nick he was still at the venue and hoping for more to come, although after catching a fish like that probably won’t be too upset if he doesn’t get another bite for the rest of his trip!

He explained: “After a long and sleepless coach trip down to Les Teillatts I was buzzing to get the rods out for my week long session on one of the best big carp venues in the world.

“The week started off slowly for me, but a few of the others were getting off the mark early with fish up to 63lb.

“I kept the Mainline MK1 and Cell boilies going in little and often over my spot, which was an area about 100 yards out, and was praying that one of the big girls would make a mistake.

“Then at 2.30am one morning my left hand rod went into meltdown and I jumped out of my bivvy to do battle with what felt like a huge fish. My legs went to jelly as it stayed deep and plodded around on a tight line for over 30 minutes, making a number of 40 yard runs during the fight.

“Eventually I won the battle and slipped the net under the huge grey frame of a mirror, and when I flicked on the headtorch I was blown away by what I saw sulking in the net.

“I called the boys round for some help and we recorded a weight of 75lb, and words can’t describe the emotions that I was feeling. As I write this the rods are back out over another 4kg of bait ready for the next monster to make a mistake!”

Nick landed the big mirror using a MK1 snowman hookbait fished on a size 4 Wide Gape hook fished blowback style to a 20lb N-Trap Semi Stiff hook link and 16 inches of Dark Matter tubing with a Hybrid lead clip.