Monster Carp premieres on ITV4 this week - don't miss it!

The moment that so many have eagerly been awaiting is finally here, with brand new TV show Monster Carp hitting our screens for the first time this week!

The four-episode series kicks off on Tuesday July 5 on ITV4 at 8pm, when we see carp fanatic and TV presenter Ali Hamidi joined by a variety of friends as he travels the globe in search of carp. The journey takes them to some unusual and sometimes dangerous locations, and sees them fishing on a wide variety of waterways, and taking in some stunning scenery and amazing experiences along the way.

Episode 1 sees them travelling halfway around the world to a land that has long been associated with myths and monsters – Japan – where they go in search of traditional king carp, in a country much more renowned for its colourful, highly prized, and often very expensive koi carp!

For this episode Ali is joined by Tom Dove and Darrell Peck, and the trio sample some of the local foods and cultures inbetween attempting to catch carp from a variety of venues, including urban waterways in the city.

Subsequent episodes over the next three weeks – July 12, 19 and 26 at 8pm on ITV4 – see Ali heading back to Europe, and Episode 2 finds him on one of the continents largest lakes, where he is joined by Tom Dove and Neil Spooner.

Hungary’s mighty Lake Balaton is over 50 miles long and is home to some of the largest carp in the world, but how will the team go about trying to track down their quarry on somewhere which resembles an inland sea?

Episode three finds Ali and Tom in Italy, and this time they are joined by Korda boss Danny Fairbrass as their adventure takes them across Italy as they tackle some of its well-stocked lakes before finding themselves facing the ultimate challenge – to catch a big carp from the might River Po!

The river is home to carp to over 60lb, along with some of the largest wels catfish in the world, but tracking down a monster on a wild river such as this is never going to be an easy task.

The final episode of this first series sees Ali and Danny travelling to Austria, along with carp catching machine Darrell Peck, and finds them fishing amongst some of the most spectacular scenery you will find anywhere, plus the lake they find themselves on is home to some unusual monsters which are often hooked but rarely landed! Having sampled some of the lake fishing that Austria has to offer, not to mention taking in the local culture, it is time to head off into the unknown and try one of the local rivers.

Any carp angler is going to love this series as it shows just how much variety there is out there in our sport and how it varies in different parts of the world, but it will also appeal to anyone who has an interest in travel, as the fishing is set in some fascinating and breath-taking locations.