Monster Carp heads off to Morocco this week - don't miss it!

Carp are widespread across the world and can be found in some quite unexpected countries, and this week the Monster Carp team head off to North Africa in search of a monster.

Morocco may be best known for its souks, tagines and even the Sahara Desert, but despite being a pretty dry place it also has some big lakes, and some of these are home to very large carp to over 70lb.

Ali, Tom and Neil start their adventure in Marrakech, where they experience the chaos of an Arab city and takes in the sights at the main market and souks. Fishing is never far from their minds though and they are soon stumbling across stalls selling ingredients which would be perfect either as a bait or as an additive.

Soon they’ve had enough of the city though and are itching to get some rods out, which takes them on a journey towards the Atlas Mountains, where they have heard of a large dammed lake which is home to a large number of big fish, including some stunning scaly mirrors in amongst the predominantly common carp population.

Along the way they pass another water, Lalla Takerhoust, and there are plenty of signs of carp topping, albeit smaller ones, so the lads decide to have a friendly competition to see who will get first choice of swim when they reach their final destination, and it also gives them a chance to put their new baits to good use!

Having enjoyed a bit of action from their first ever Moroccan fish, it is time to head off to the main venue, Bin El Ouidane, and set about tackling this massive expanse of water. The scenery is certainly very different to where the team is used to fishing, and you could easily imagine that you were on Mars, given all the red rock and sand surrounding the lake!

They are up against it as the fish have only recently spawned and the weather has turned unseasonably cool, and the carp certainly don’t seem to be feeding as well as normal. But as you would expect from this trio they soon get to grips with the fishing – which involves boating baits out at longer range – and manage to get amongst some fish.

Several good fish fall to their rods, but to find out just how big they manage to catch them to, and to watch all the action unfold, you will have to watch the show.

The third episode of Monster Carp will premiere on ITV8 at 8pm on Tuesday, July 18, so make sure that you don’t miss it, or if you aren’t around you’ve set it to record.