Monster Carp Episode 3 - What to expect...

When you think of Bosnia, carp fishing doesn’t immediately spring to mind, but the latest episode of Monster Carp sees Ali, Neil and Tom heading to the Balkans in pursuit of some of the huge specimens that live there.

This war-torn part of the world has made a miraculous recovery, and although carp are still considered a delicacy on the menu, there are a growing number of venues that operate purely on a catch-and-release basis. The carp found in these countries are from a very good genetic strain and grow very quickly, and are now reaching the sort of sizes that are comparable to anywhere else in Europe.

After flying in to Serbia, our three presenters try their hand at lure fishing on one of the many big lakes in the country, and are hoping to catch another favourite with local anglers, the pike.

They then get a chance to see a bit more of the country during the long drive into Bosnia, before finally arriving at Pelagicevo Lake, a venue which has produced several national records, including mirrors and commons to over 80lb!

Once they have decided who is going to fish where, they set about trying to tempt some of the monsters which inhabit this lake, as well as the many back-up 30s, 40s and 50s that it is renowned for.

Whilst their main focus is on the fishing, they also get to try their hand at cooking some of the local cuisine, under the watchful eye of an expert, as well as seeing where some of the food is sourced! This leads to plenty of laughs along the way, as at times events take an unexpected turn!

Not only do they meet some of the local anglers, but dog-lover Ali makes some new four-legged friends as well.

At times the fishing is incredibly hectic with fish of a size that many can only dream of catching, and one of them soon discovers that fair percentage of the population of the lake is in front of him. But can he make the most of it and land a real big ‘un, and will the other two manage to get on the scoreboard as well?

Episode three premieres on ITV4 at 8pm on Thursday, July 26. It is repeated at 6pm on July 28, and 8.20am on July 29, as well as being available via Catch Up.