Monster Carp Episode 2 - Find out more

The new series of Monster Carp enjoyed fantastic support from fans of the show when it launched last week, with Epsiode One in Thailand.

The second episode sees the intrepid trio return to Europe for their latest adventure much closer to home, and instead of the monstrous Siamese carp which they encountered in Asia, this week they have their sights set on a far more familiar quarry – the king carp.

In France the carp but not grow quite so big as those which they have just encountered, but they are heading off to Gigantica Lake, in the Champagne region, where the carp go to well over 80lb and there is a chance for each of them to catch a personal best, if they get lucky!

First though they will be trying their luck at some other fishing, as France is a virtual maze of rivers, lakes and canals, all of which seem to hold big fish of one sort or another. They find themselves on the River Marne, and like on most rivers you never quite know what is going to pick up the bait!

Having sampled some of the other fishing that the region has to offer, Ali, Neil and Tom are itching to get their carp rods out for the main event, but before they do that they will have to decide on who gets the first choice of swim when they arrive at Gigantica.

This takes them to a local patisserie where they will have to use all of their baking skills to impress the owner, but with none of them ever having made French pastries before, there is serious potential for the final results to be more ‘d’oh!’ than dough.

Once that is decided it is time to get on with the serious business of trying to catch some carp from this tricky venue, but if they are going to succeed they will have to be on their ‘A’ game, as the fish in this lake have seen it all before over the years!

Not only is this episode great fun to watch, but it is also packed full of useful advice that will help you to put more fish on the bank yourself, as each angler has his own way of targeting the venue.

Episode two will premiere on ITV4 at 8pm on Thursday, July 19 – it will be repeated at 6pm on July 21, and 9.55am on July 22.