Mission Complete - Myles Gibson

Just when we thought big-fish angler Myles Gibson had a year to remember, he’s reported in with another incredible capture. Here is his story…

The following morning after catching The Big Head Mirror, I had one night left before I had to leave and head back up North for home. So, I decided to put a bucket of chopped Season Red boilie out on the area for my last night. I was planning to be back down a few days later and really wanted them to have a free meal on that particular spot.

Nothing happened that night, but I left knowing there was a good portion of my bait out there for them to get a taste for. I arrived at the gates for my next session only to see a car parked in that swim, the chap had not long been down and after a quick chat, I planned to follow him in for what would be my last night. I spent a couple of nights fishing a few different swims and managed a lovely mid double stockie mirror on the morning I was moving in to the area. It wasn’t long until I had two rods rocking out long in the same area I fished and caught in the week before. Both were fished on 14mm white Connect pop up, which I fished critically balanced so the hook point was just off the bottom. I didn’t want to go crazy with the bait so just over 2kg of chopped all Season Red baits were spombed over the top.

The night passed with any action at all, but just as the sound of my alarm woke me up the left-hand rod pinged out the clip and I was in!

The fish soon weeded itself and was pretty much just a case of pumping the lot in slowly. With a load of weed around its head I doubt it even knew it was in the net until the mesh touched its belly and he went nuts! That one turned out to be one known as Sponge Bob at a weight of 35lb 2oz. I was buzzing to have caught another good’un and only a few hours before I had to leave as well. Once the fish was all sorted, I soon had the rod re-rigged and ready to go. Due to the amount of weed, I was using 20lb Subline and a 5oz Zip lead to get the range, so it was a good whack to hit the 120 yard spot. The re-cast went perfect first time, the rig flew sweet, hit the clip and I even got the drop in 4ft of water, sinking the line with a massive grin on my face. An hour or so had passed and just having sat with a coffee and one of the other lads fishing, thinking about packing up, the recast rod pinged out the clip then there was a huge eruption right over the spot. It was a crazy battle from the off, one of the most, if not the most powerful fish I had ever hooked.

After a few heart stopping moments the lad with me soon lifted the net round a huge ball of weed, I had caught a glimpse of the fish and thought ‘Colin’. Instantly I said, “it’s Colin isn’t it? Oh yeah mate, it’s him!” There he lay amongst a mass of weed, the one I desperately wanted. He looked huge when rolled over on to his side with big brown flanks. He went 48.10 a truly special carp, and what a battler.