Mega Monks mirror - Ian Fisher

My Monks Pit buzz continues - I couldn't have asked for a better winter and, after catching well on the zigs, it's carried on in to spring with 18 carp up to 35lb.

Once again I couldn't wait to leave work on Thursday evening to make up way to Cambridge from Milton Keynes, on the way there I made a call to good friend and fellow CC Moore angler Mark Woolley who was already down to see what was happening and mostly what pegs were taken.

Mark was set up on the A14 bank and as the day went on, that side got busy and the main peg I fancied - a peg called The Swamp down the far end with deep water – was taken. I did very well in there the week before catching three carp to 31lb in a 24 hour session and would have been my first choice but this week.

I couldn't reserve it either as I was only doing a night, but while I was in The Swamp I did see a few carp show in a swim called called No Carp Corner, so I made my way up there once I arrived. I didn't have much time as it would be dark within a hour or so, but having fished the peg a bit during the winter and casting the zigs around a lot, I’d found some very nice hard spots at around 100 yards.

I quickly got two rods clipped at 25 wraps using the distance sticks and the marker rod at the same. I sent the marker rod out to its far side tree line mark, which went down with a thump - bang on the money where I wanted it. I raised the float up to the surface though the 22ft of water and walked round to locate the marker, which can be seen though the gap in the trees, and I set about catapulting out 1kg of CC Moore Odyssey XXX bait all around the marker.

I wanted a good spread as didn't want it too tight with two rods fished a rod length a part - this is so much easier than trying to Spomb out, especially if windy. Back in the peg I sent the rigs out once I removed the marker and I couldn't have asked for better drops to the two rods as both cracked down with a hard thump over the baited area. The third rod was fished with a 10ft zig that I cast to some showing fish as darkness fell.

The bottom bait rigs I've been using consist of a 6in stiff boom using Korda 25lb Mouth Trap with a short supple section of Korda Supernatural 18lb with a tungsten hook aligner which helps hold down the wafter with a very sharp Korda Wide Gape hook.

As night fell I could make out odd fish showing not far off the spot and felt confident of something happening this was my 1st session using the CC Moore Odyssey XXX and hoped it works just as good as the Live System in the past.

All was quiet until 1am when I started getting liners, which continued up to 2.30am, but I couldn't believe I hadn't had a take with all that action. I even sat by the rods at one stage because of the bobbins going up and down.

The liners began to tail off and I was thinking they must have cleaned me out, so at 3am I walked back up the dark path to stick another 1kg of XXX out. A couple of hours later I was woken again by a liner and then another - it looked like they were back on it, surely a bite was on the cards but they made me wait until 7am when the middle rod bobbin pulling tight and the carp started taking line.

On picking up the rod I could tell it was a good fish with its heavy head thumping as I coaxed it towards me. It stayed deep all the way in, even under the rod tip I didn't see the leadcore for some time, just a large mirror carp twisting and turning trying to throw the hook in the crystal clear water, but it was slowly tiring and bit by bit it was rising to the surface. With a last couple of rolls, it was safely in the net to my relief.

Mark must have seen on what was happening as he was on the phone to me straight away. He didn't hesitate to reel in to help out and while he was making his way round this gave me time to sort the mat, sling and scales ready and also clear my head.

We both lifted the carp out onto the ready-zeroed sling. We were both excited as I lifted it up on the scales and even more so once they stopped at 41lb - wow a spring 40! Mark did some amazing photos again, even getting in the water for the water shots in his boxer shorts as I had his chest waders on.

I didn't know which one of the Monks A-Team the mirror was at the time but Tony the bailiff, Mick the owner and few others said it was the carp called Mojo.

Tight lines,

Ian Fisher