Meet Darren Greenfield

Losing a leg hasn’t stopped inspirational angler, Darren Greenfield, from pursuing carp across Europe, and even representing Team GB!

Darren came to our attention after he met Ali Hamidi at an angling show. Ali was impressed by the big man’s drive and passion – attributes that have driven both his sporting and fishing careers. We asked him how he got into fishing, “I've been into outdoor sports like shooting and fishing from a very early age. Actually, fishing came a bit later when I was around 14 years old. Like many anglers, I started out doing some general coarse fishing on rivers until one day my fishing took a whole new direction when I caught my first carp out the river, a common at a whopping 21lb. That was it; I had the bug for carp!”

Just four years after he embarked on his angling journey, Darren’s world was turned upside down, as he explained, “I was still heavily into my sport, which was boxing at that time, when I had a motorbike accident that resulted in me losing my leg.”

Darren wasn’t about to be stopped from pursuing his passions though, and resolved to regain his mobility, “Me being me, I didn't want to stop doing the things that I enjoyed so much, so I was walking again within six months and got back to my fishing and back into a gym.”

His fishing exploits have taken him to great waters, both home and abroad, and perhaps his crowning achievement came on the banks of famous Oxfordshire day-ticket complex, Linear Fisheries. Tackling St John’s, Darren banked one of its biggest residents, in the shape of The Big Common. “I had the honour of catching The Big Common as part of a 14-fish catch, taken over five days.” Darren told us, “It was down a bit in weight, having recently spawned, but I didn’t care a jot. It’s still my UK PB at 37lb 10oz… I’ve been very lucky in my fishing.” We’re not so sure Darren – it’s all been hard earned. That work ethic also saw Darren represent Team GB at canoeing, a proud moment for him.

He’s managed to combine his fishing with charity work too, and he’s far from finished, “I’m heavily involved with a charity called Anglers Against Cancer with long-time carper, Ron Buss. I’ll be doing a 130-mike bike ride for charity, with Ron following me in a car. Since being involved with Team GB, I just want to encourage disabled people to get out, whether that’s on the bank or in sport.”