Matt Jackson banks a trio of fish from Cranwells Lake!

Matthew Jackson suffered from the loss of a good fish on his last session on Cranwells Lake, but he got over it by landing a trio of crackers on his next trip.

Fishing on the famous venue on the Wasing Estate, in Berkshire, Matthew banked a fantastic looking common of 35lb 4oz, and back it up with a 33lb 4oz ghostie, plus a 21lb mirror.

Matt commented: “A few weeks after the painful loss I turned up to find the fish in a similar area to where they’d been on my last session. They had been spending a fair bit of time there so it wasn’t that much of a surprise, but what did surprise me was that the Point swim was free, and I didn’t hesitate in getting some gear in there!

“I knew exactly what I was doing this time and after quickly checking the spots – clearings amongst the weed - I got my rigs out. There was no need to make any changes to my rigs, and I was using my usual stiff hinges, tied with 20lb Mouthtrap and size 8 Choddy hooks, and I soon had them in place with minimal disturbance and it looked good for a bite.

“As expected, at around 4.30am one of the rods burst into life and after a short tussle with my sleeping bag I connected with an angry carp. After a couple of minutes a lovely little mirror of 21lb was being weighed and photographed.

“I only just about had time to get a new rig tied up and cast back onto the spot, when the middle rod was away, and this time it felt like a better fish as it was holding its ground at distance and kiting. I managed to stop it getting its head into the weed, and slowly but surely the steady pressure coaxed the fish closer and closer, until I could make out a deep-bodied golden flank in the clear water.

“As I processed what I’d just seen my legs began to shake and I had that funny empty feeling in my stomach, as the fish that I really wanted was long overdue and I was clearly attached to a rather large common. I scooped it up first time, and as I looked down I could see that although it was big, it wasn’t large enough to be the Big Common, and that was confirmed when I had a proper look at it on the mat.

“The following morning produced another good fish at first light, but something didn’t look right once it was close enough to get a glimpse of it, as it looked big but was very pale. It turned out to be one of the bigger ghosties, not my favourite type of carp, but a bit of a character and a lovely fish all the same.”