Match Ace Wins at Todber - Jamie Londors

Carp match ace, Jamie Londors has been out braving the cold conditions to rack up another match win, this time at Todber Manor. Here’s how he did it…

“With winter nearly here, it was time for the Big Hayes Carp Match at Todber Manor. I was up nice and early and on my drive down there I felt that there were six out of twelve pegs that I'd have been happy with. Once there, and with the draw underway, I stepped up and pulled out peg 12, which was one of the pegs I wanted.

Unable to practice due to being so busy, I started off with all three rods on different methods. I started off with a 15mm Cell hook bait topped off with a piece of fake corn, which had been soaked in Betalin on the left-hand rod. The rig featured a size-8 Wide Gape with a blowback ring, a 3oz lead and 4ft of Kable leadcore.

On the middle rod I set up a solid bag, which had a pink Hinders Betalin pop-up and Mini Combo pellets in the bag. On the right-hander rod I started off with a little Guru feeder with blitz and micro pellet as the mix. The idea was to see which worked best, and then switch all of the rods to this method by dark. I started off fishing tight to the island and within ten minutes I had a 12lb 14oz mirror on the Cell hook bait. I then had to wait another two hours until I picked up another 12lb common on the solid bag. It was now getting dark and I was sitting in third place. I needed a good night, so I set my alarm for every three hours to freshen up the bait and have a re-chuck. The method I chose to go through the night with was the solid bags, with Cell hook baits, Betalin-soaked corn and Mini Combo pellets. I also dropped the rod slightly away from the shelf of the far margin island.

It only took twenty minutes for this to work and my next fish weighed 13lb, which moved me into second place. Two hours later I landed the biggest fish of the match at 19lb 2oz, pushing me into first place. I then had to wait a further two hours for the next bite, only to lose it in the rushes. The next few hours brought me fish of 11lb 2oz and 15lb 1oz, giving me a nice lead over second place. I managed to hold onto first place for the rest of the match with no further fish caught. I now take my place in the final, which will be in March. Happy Days!”