Masterclass Volume 2 is here!

Following the success of Masterclass Volume 1, the team at Korda have been busy putting together a brand-new series of films giving you a detailed insight into the tactics, tackle and thinking behind being a successful angler on a variety of different venues.

This time round, the Masterclass Volume 2 team cover big hit fishing at Linear Fisheries with Neil Spooner and Ali Hamidi, snag fishing in Italy with Danny Fairbrass, urban day ticket fishing with Tom Dove and big low stocked pits with Darrell Peck.

Each angler brings their own experience and insight into how to catch more carp on each type of venue, with dozens of big fish caught for the cameras plus details on rigs, bait, tactics and tackle.

The Big Low Stocked Pits film follows Darrell Peck and Danny Fairbrass as they target the elusive residents of a 100-acre Belgian water. However, true to form, it doesn’t take the pair long to get on the fish and the result is some of the most impressive carp ever seen on camera plus detailed insights into how they caught consistently from a tricky lake whilst others around them blank.

The Big Hit Fishing masterclass stars Ali Hamidi and Neil Spooner as they tackle Linear Fisheries in Oxford for a session to remember. With multiple carp falling to their busy tactics, the pair show how to make the most of a session on well-stocked waters with correct application of bait, rigs and tactics.

Tom Dove is famed for his prowess on day ticket waters and the cameras follow him on a session at Walthamstow Fisheries in East London in the Urban Day Session section. With the pressure on and the restrictions of a days-only fishery, Tom shows how to go about tempting carp from this type of water using tactics he’s honed to perfection through years of experience.

The Italian Job film sees Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi head to Europe for an epic few days on a beautiful lake deep in stunning Tuscany. With some massive fish to target, the pair show how to angle for them effectively amongst a jungle of far-bank snags and weed beds with boat tactics key to their success. The result is a string of amazing commons and mirrors to their rods.

Click on the Masterclass tab at the top of the Korda website and select Volume Two for all four films covering three hours of action-packed carp fishing.