Masterclass 7 is about to be released!

The eagerly awaited Masterclass 7 is about to be released, and this year it features an incredible four hours-plus of entertainment, packed full of information and tips which will improve your catch rate!

Not only is Masterclass 7 highly instructional, showing you exactly how the top anglers featured in it go about tackling their chosen venue and how to set up all of the successful presentations that they use, step-by-step so you can easily replicate it yourself. But it is also high entertaining to watch and some fantastic fish were caught during the filming of it.

It gets underway when it follows Korda boss Danny Fairbrass and carp catching machine Darrell Peck as they head overseas to fish a syndicate water in Germany. The venue isn’t particularly large and isn’t stuffed full of fish, plus it is weedy, so a lot of the tactics that they use can easily be translated into your own fishing here in the UK.

It is also similar to many of the commercial holiday venues in France, which thousands of you travel to each year, and Danny goes into detail about some of the tricks that he uses to get the best from his sessions on that type of water as well, with the focus being on fishing as effectively as possible, rather than necessarily 24 hours a day.

They also look at the tactics and tackle that you need not only to successfully get a bite when fishing weedy lakes, but also how to give yourself the best chance of landing anything that you do hook.

We then move on to following Monster Carp star, and head of product development for Korda, Tom Dove, over three spring sessions at a UK syndicate water that he has just joined. As well as looking at how to go about targeting a new venue, he also goes into great detail about the best way to target carp at that time of the year – including the monsters that go to over 50lb in this particular lake!

With the weather being so changeable during the spring, he looks at everything from tempting them off of the bottom, and how you should be feeding when they still have properly woken up. Right through to making the most of warmer days to give yourself a chance on zigs, or even on the surface. He was instrumental in coming up with our Zig Kits, and runs through exactly how to fish them in the most effective way possible, culminating in the capture of a very special fish live for the cameras!

Korda Koach Rob Burgess spends his time travelling to day tickets waters all over the UK, where he tries to help anglers to get the best from their session, and also show them things which will improve their catch rate in future as well, wherever they happen to be fishing.

For his Masterclass chapter he heads to well-known day ticket venue Todber Manor, in Dorset, and fishes four different sessions – covering all four seasons – to show you how to put more carp on the bank at any time of the year.

He looks at everything from fishing in the middle of winter and making the most of short feeding spells, right through to fishing for bigger hits of fish during the warmer months, as well as how his rigs change throughout the year to reflect the way that the fish are feeding, and the type and style of baiting strategy that he is using.

AJ Spooner by now is a familiar face on Masterclass and is representative of many anglers out there, and by his own admission is a relative novice when it comes to certain styles of carp fishing.

This year he is joined by Rob Burgess at the new Embryo Angling complex, Norton Disney, in Lincolnshire, and having never fished a large, weedy lake before he is quite daunted by the prospect. But after spending a couple of days with Rob and being shown exactly how to go about tackling this type of venue, he goes away confident that he could repeat the process on its own. During this session they cover everything that you really need to know to fish somewhere like this, including all of the essential basics.

Masterclass 7 ends with a look at some of the exciting new products which have either come out recently, or a sneak preview at those which are about to be released and which you will want to get your hands on – including the new Compac luggage range!

Masterclass is available from Monday, January 13, at 7.30pm, and can be watched via: http://www.korda.co.uk Or: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UContEaeqonv1e131k03FyMA