Masterclass 3 - get your free copy at the Northern Angling Show!

The eagerly anticipated Korda Masterclass Volume 3 DVD is being launched at the Northern Angling Show this weekend!

Come along to Event City, Manchester, on February 20 or 21, to grab your free copy, and you can even get it signed by Ali Hamidi, who stars in the DVD and will be on the Korda stand on both days.

If you can’t make it to the show, then it will be coming to a tackle shop near to you very soon!

The DVD is packed full of more than 3 hours of material and features some of the biggest names associated with Korda, including Danny Fairbrass and carp catching machine Darrell Peck as they go on another European adventure, this time to a Dutch canal.

Plus Ali Hamidi and Neil Spooner go in search of monsters in Croatia and land carp to over 60lb, with the action so hectic at times that they lost count of exactly how many big fish that they caught!

There is of course plenty of UK based fishing as well, featuring Team Korda’s Elliott Gray, who is joined by Darrell and Danny, and they focus on pop-up rigs that will help you to put more fish on the bank, and how to fish them effectively – it’s definitely not something that you can afford to miss!

To find out exactly how they all got on you will have to watch the DVD, but needless to say they delivered once again and caught some amazing fish!

Danny Fairbrass revealed: “After filming in Italy, France, Belgium and of course England in the past, I liked the idea of adding a Dutch chapter to the series for the third Masterclass DVD.

“Something most people don’t know is that I have fished in Holland regularly in the past, and I was enthusiastic about the idea from the start, although it has been a good 15 years since I’d fished on canals in Holland, and those ones were a little smaller!

“A week before we actually started filming I went on a little scouting trip and didn’t really fish a lot during that week, but I did look around. I found a group of fish in a swim that I knew hardly saw any angling pressure and I then knew that it would be possible to find fish.

“Most of the locals have their favourite spots that they tend to bait frequently, but instead of waiting for the fish to come to us we did the exact opposite and went actively looking for them. When we arrived we soon spotted a few carp, and before I even got the third rod in the water I was attached to a big canal mirror!”

Although Danny had previous experience of this type of venue, it was all new for Darrell, who explained: “I have to admit I was quite the greenhorn when it comes to this type of fishing, as where I live we don’t really have any canals.

“The first time I saw the place was when we were actually there to go fishing with the film crew! Something I noticed right away was that it would be hard to spot fish as you can only keep eyes on a small piece of water from a swim, therefore it is a lot harder to spot activity and this made me feel a little out of my comfort zone.”

You can see exactly how they overcome the challenges that they come up against by getting your hands on a copy of the DVD!