Massive grass carp caught on Korda gear in Russia!

Fish don’t come much more impressive than this Russian Federation record grass carp that weighed over 67lb!

It was caught by Moscow-based carper Andrey Pozdnyakov, and at 30kg 600g (67lb 7oz) it set a new official record for Russia, after he tempted it from a lake in the Udomelsky district.

Andrey revealed: “It put up a really hard fight but I finally managed to land it after 60 minutes with the help of a boat!”

He tempted the monster using a Fresh Baits strawberry flavoured pop-up and landed it on a 15lb N-Trap Semi Stiff hook link and 0.50mm to 0.28mm Subline Tapered main line.

Although now found across Europe, including in the UK where fish to over 50lb have been caught (although there is no longer an official record as it is classed as a non-native species), it is only native to rivers in China and Eastern Siberia that flow into the Pacific. This includes the Amur River system, and this member of the cyprinidae family is also known as the Amur or White Amur carp.

They were first introduced to many countries as a way of controlling weed growth, which is their natural diet, and have now become established in many parts of the world and have developed a taste for anglers’ bait!

The current IGFA world record is held by a fish of 39.75kg (87lb 10oz) which was caught back in 2009 from Piasuchnik Dam in Bulgaria. One of the biggest ever braces of grass carp was landed by well-known UK angler John Davey when he tackled Etang de la Horre in France for monsters scaling 63lb 7oz and 60lb 12oz in the space of just an hour!

In the UK some venues were well-known for producing big grassies, including the famous Horton Church Lake which broke the British record a number of times before it was subsequently scrapped. But they have also turned up in some unusual places – including Bute East Dock in Cardiff where local angler Tudor Prosser got a shock when he hooked and landed a 40lb 2 oz specimen!