Martin Pick mats a Welly whacker!

Korda’s Martin Pick has been on the hunt for another Welly whacker in his latest sessions – and he didn’t go home disappointed…

I’d been fishing in one of the open water swims for a couple of nights, seemingly going through the motions with very little happening. Whilst there I’d been keeping an eye on a small channel in between an island and the bank right next to my swim.

I’d spotted a ghosty in there the previous day so just before dark I scattered a handful of 15mm DT baits Cold Water Mix with Green Beast boilies around the area I’d seen the fish. The following day the ghosty was back in the same area but this time there was a few others with it. I couldn’t see them that well, though, as the water was very coloured.

I thought my chance had gone for the day in the swim I was in, so I decided to wind in and have a go for them for an hour to try and make the most of what was looking like a camping trip. I wound in, unclipped my 3.5oz leads, and replaced them with 1.5oz versions to try not to spook them.

The rigs were the my usual reverse combi links, tied with Mouthtrap and Choddy hooks, that have caught most of my big fish out of Welly and because they were already rigged up with 15mm washed-out pink pop-ups, I was ready to go.

When I looked back in the channel I could see the ghosty back over where I wanted to put the rig, so I waited a few minutes and it drifted off, which gave me the opportunity to under arm flick a rod in place. I actually managed to get two in place and left the lines really slack with the rods resting on the grass.

My phone started ringing and it was Korda’s Elliott Gray calling for a catch up. He asked what was going on. I said that I hadn’t managed to catch anything and decided to have a go stalking. With that one of the rods melted off. I shouted “got to go, I’m in!” and then dropped the phone!

After that, all hell broke loose. I knew it would go for the snag and sure enough it went straight across the channel straight for it. I tried my best to slow the fish down and less than a foot from disaster it erupted on the surface and started to charge about all over the place, but thankfully it was away from the snag but I still kept plenty of pressure on in case it decided to make a run for it. My mate Shaun was at hand to help with the netting and I said to him, jeez mate that’s a good un.

My heart was going crazy so much so I had to give myself a minute to stop shaking and gather my thoughts again before sorting out the mat etc. When I put the fish on the scales it went right around to 49lb 6oz which beat my personal best mirror by 3lb and turned a hard going session one that I will remember forever.