Martin Pick gives his thoughts on getting more winter bites!

Martin Pick is one of the most consistent anglers around when it comes to catching big carp consistently, and he is out all through the year doing it.

The Team Korda member can usually be found sat next to some of the best known lakes in the country, renowned for their stocks of big fish, but during the winter he does change his approach slightly to try and increase his chances of catching.

Martin explained: “Now the nights are drawing in it is the time of year that I re-evaluate my approach and have a look at what I’m going to do throughout the colder months. This largely depends on where I’m going to fish as some types of lakes respond very differently in the winter.

“The majority of time I will be heading back down to Wellington Country Park, where the carp are massive! There aren’t huge numbers of fish in there, but the ones that you are fishing for are all big, so I stick with the tactics that I think will work best for these fish.

“I stick to my own version of the Elliott Gray reverse combi-rig, which has worked really well for me on there the past few years. I find it a great rig for sorting out the bigger fish from the rest, and I like to fish it over a scattering of boilies, to get the fish moving around and picking up one bait at a time.

“Many people become scared of using boilies in the winter, but I carry on using the same cold water mix boilies that I’ve been using all year already, and at this time of the year they really come into their own. Even though I do carry on using boilies, as the water temperature plummets I will alter my approach slightly by opting to fish for one bite at a time as opposed to trying to get them into a feeding frenzy over big beds of bait.

“At this time of the year location is even more important than usual, as the window of opportunity is so small and even just the slightest sign of a carp will immediately have me acting on that information. That could be the only sign of activity that I see all session, so it is vital to work even harder watching the water than it is in the warmer months, and at least that way if I do act on something that I spot, then even if I don’t catch I at least know that I have tried my best.”

Despite his general big fish approach, he does still like to get a few bites as well when he gets the chance, and does have the odd trip to easier venues.

He continued: “They do sat that it is the season to be jolly, so I’ll also be socialising with my mates on some unsuspecting day ticket lakes somewhere.

“Most of these venues have a good head of carp, so I’ll go with a particle mix made up from hemp, crushed boilies, blended up tiger nuts and a tin of corn. I’ve not done a lot of particle fishing for a few years, but in the past they’ve always been a banker in the cold, so I’m looking forward to giving it a go again, as well as getting out with my mates.

“To fish over particles I prefer a blowback rig with a size 8 Wide Gape hook, and they are much shorter and with the bait closer to the bottom than I would fish them on Welly. I feel this set-up is far better over particles and smaller freebies, as the carp don’t move around as much when they are feeding, acting almost like a hoover!”