Mark Bryant's Blog

Wow, winter is now here and the summer just seemed to run away this year. As usual I have been mega busy juggling family, business and fishing but somehow I have managed to get the balance right this year! I’ve found myself flitting from venue to venue this season. This is something that has always suited my fishing, as I often used to fish a number of venues in one season when I was younger, carefree and single.

I continued my run of fish over at the syndicate lake, catching five 30lb commons in a week off the top. Simple floating trout pellets soaked in our liquids kept the action coming. I also had a 36lb PB common off the top a week later for good measure. Fantastic! More recently I had the chance to join Mr. Fairbrass and friends over at Gigantica for a week session. Having only ever fished in France once before I was itching to go over and wet a line, especially given the fact that there are some truly stunning fish that wouldn’t look out of place here on the Cotswold Water Park.

I must say that it is an awesome venue that has just about everything you would ever want from a fishery. I managed to catch six fish with a whopping 60lb 12oz the biggest fish. To see this monster in my net will live with me forever… unbelievable; it looked like a small person! Our trusty Atlantic Heat soaked in Hot Fish Oil was once again the winning combination. The confidence I have in the bait is huge, as it has gone all over the world and caught instantly. The Heat’s uncanny knack of catching the larger fish first time out is becoming a trait that has been consistent since its release in 2005. I for one can’t wait to return next year to Gigantica!

This has been another solid year for us at Baitworks, so much so we have taken on staff. This was a major step for the business. Employing people to help run the company has become a necessary step to push forward. This will help free me up more to look after the direction, marketing and sales. Justin Badman is our new employee and will be involved in all things Baitworks. I had a very grown-up conservation regarding contracts and direction the other day. Anyone who knows me will say I’m very rarely serious and more happy-go-lucky, so to have this sort of conversation was a realisation that I have grown up! For others to rely on me to pay for mortgages is something that drives me on even more. Crumbs, more, more, more!

With any growing company there are unfortunately a few individuals who will try to capitalize on your achievements, even trying to copy our products. Luckily the guys in question couldn't boil an egg let alone a boilie! It would seem that in this day and age there are people around who do not want to put the graft in themselves and prefer to have it laid on a plate or in this case, pre-made bases mixes or pre-rolled boilies! Quite why anglers buy bait off these companies is beyond me but maybe they are none the wiser? The phrase ‘industry standard’ comes to mind.

Now we are into winter it means I can get out and do some cold-water fishing. I look forward to this time of the year as the fish weights are at their best and there are generally fewer anglers on the bank. I have been formulating a new bait other the last couple of years and will be putting the finishing touches on it this winter. I’m just waiting for a very special ingredient to be delivered next week. Ohhh, can’t wait! The development of any new product should take time and be thoroughly road and lake tested. This is something we pride ourselves at Baitworks. If it takes three years then so be it. The end result is products that catch loads of fish.

Until next time, stay warm.