Mark Bryant lands a new PB on an overnighter!

The last time Mark Bryant got out on the bank he landed the biggest fish in Gigantica at 85lb 8oz, so he was never to top that in terms of weight on his next session back in the UK.

But in terms of significant catches he certainly came close when he banked a stunning new PB common of 41lb from Farriers Lake, in the Cotswolds, a venue he had hardly fished despite having been a member for a few years!

The Team Korda member and Baitworks boss revealed: “I was itching to get back out fishing again, and I’d had a ticket on Farriers for the past five years, but in that time I’d probably only fished 12 nights, preferring to use it as somewhere for a bit of stalking.

“So I put a plan in place ready for an overnighter a few days later, and living so close meant that I was able to walk around the lake in the dark after work, listening for fish to roll and give away their location.

“I did have the gear in the van on these recce trips, just in case things proved too good to risk having a go, and it became evident that a small number of fish were located in a weed bed, so I flicked in a few hundred Monster Red boilies, ready for my overnighter.

“I was soon bagging up the last boilies for the day and quickly headed to the lake before darkness fell, so I could get a grip on my surroundings. Rather than trying to find a clear area amongst the weed, I was happy enough as long as I could feel the lead down around five foot, as I was fishing the Heli Safe system with a stopper bead 18 inches up the line, so I knew the rig would be fishing effectively.

“I was using my usual combi loop rig with a balanced bait, and all three rods touched down in light weed, so I was happy. By the morning though I was questioning why I hadn’t received any indication, and by then the wind had picked up and was bitterly cold, so I started to pack away some of my tackle ready to go to work.

“I heard a ‘beep, beeeeep’ and looked at my phone, but it wasn’t that and my middle rod was slowly ticking away in the early morning breeze!

“I was quickly on the rod and leant into a heavy fish that came up in the water column and after a long tussle a big common surfaced a couple of rod lengths away. The pressure began to tell and it surfaced and inched towards the net, and with the rod back behind me I was able to scoop it up and it was mine!

“A quick peak revealed a lovely chestnut common and a certain PB for me, which looked amazing in the morning light. By the time the photos were finished I was freezing and for once I couldn’t wait to get into work and fire up the boiling system!”