Margin Stunner - Oscar Thornton

After a summer that seemed to be filled with endless amounts of work and no spare time, I finally managed to get back down to Roach Pit and try and bag myself a proper one before the end of the season. With autumn really starting to show itself, littering the pathways around the lake with a small blanket of leaves, it looked prime for a bite. I had finished work at 7pm on the Tuesday evening and had two nights to try and nail one. As soon as I arrived at the lake I grabbed a bottle from my car and set about a lap to see if I could find any fishy occurrences. It didn’t take long for me to find a few fish in the Steps snags. After standing there for a good 20 minutes I saw three different fish, a couple of commons and a decent mirror, so with the light fading fast and without seeing anything else on my walk, I dropped my bottle in The Steps. As I was fishing just down in the right-hand margin, I opted to only fish the one rod so as not to have too many lines going out of the swim, allowing me to focus all my attention on the one spot.

I set the rod with a 7ft length of Kable leadcore. This was used to create a drop-off-inline setup using a 5oz Flat Pear. For the rig I then used a four-inch length of Supernatural down to a size-six Wide Gape set up blowback style. My hook bait was probably the most interesting part of my setup. After my trip to France I really noticed just how much of an edge using the Almond Goo is, so I decided to attach a tiger nut that I had shaved and soaked in the Almond Goo. It was a gamble, as these carp are notoriously hard to catch and shy of rigs but I felt that using the Goo really could make all the difference.

I waded the rig down the margin and placed it on a small clay spot just off the trees of the snags. The clay spot is right on the patrol route the fish use to make their way into the snags. I dropped a handful of pellets and a couple of tigers over the spot and placed my rod on the sticks, everything was set.

First light came and I was up, sitting at the front of the swim with a cup of tea watching the water. I noticed a couple of fish show themselves on the edge of the channel so I knew they were close. After a few hours of sitting patiently the rod tip flew round and I was away! After a long battle I finally slipped the net under a perfect chestnut-coloured common. I was straight on the phone to a mate who came down to do the photos. We weighed her in at 29lb 1oz!

After being away from Roach for a while, it was such an amazing way to start the autumn! Buzzing!!

Oscar Thornton