Margin Monster - Craig Runham

Craig Runham has been at it again, this time banking another one of his target fish. The carp in question is a cracking 36lb 4oz linear, one of the more sought-after residents in Craig’s local club water.
Craig spent a quick overnighter in search of one of the lake’s characters and, sure enough, he managed to bank one. As if the looks of the carp weren’t enough, he was also only the second captor of the linear this year, which only added to the pleasure.
Fishing from a swim that doesn’t often get fished, he felt confident of action after spotting some bubbling along the margin. He was only at the lake for a short time before the linear succumbed to his efforts – he hadn’t even been there for an hour when the rod signalled a take.
The rod tip slammed round viciously as the fish left the margin but Craig made contact with the fish in double-quick time. Craig told us that the linear fought long and hard. It took a while, but eventually the great fish was safely secured in the mesh of the net, an amazing feeling as any angler would know.
Craig’s fish was caught from the base of a marginal slope, over a firm silt bottom. He chose to target this spot as most anglers fish up against the large island or in open water. Craig opted to go against the grain and fish in the margins, a tactic that seems to be serving him well.
The bait applied was a mixture of Mainline Cell, Activ-8, Maple-8 and New Grange. Not your average combination, but one that appears to be proving itself as successful nevertheless. His choice of hook bait was a 14mm fluoro pink Cell pop-up.
The rig used to outwit the linear was a hinged stiff link, a rig known for its big fish pedigree. The rig incorporated a size eight Kaptor Choddy and 20lb Mouthtrap, which was used both for the boom and the hook section. The rig was fished on a helicopter setup, just to ensure that his presentation was going to be spot on.
Craig keeps on ticking the fish off of his list. With only one more target fish to go we are sure it’s just a matter of time before the big girl find itself in the bottom of his net.