Marc Cavaciuti lands a trio of winter stunner from Grenville

Marc Cavaciuti continued his run of winter success at his Grenville syndicate water, in Cambridgeshire, with a trio of scaly mirrors, topped by this 32lb 6oz cracker.

The 34-year-old fireman managed to time his 24 hour session to coincide with the first big south-westerly winds of the year, and with it pounding into one corner of the lake, he knew that there should be some fish in the area.

Marc revealed: “I arrived in the midst of the first really big south westerly , and with 40mph gusts being forecast, for once I didn’t do my usual couple of laps of the lake looking for signs of fish. The wind was pounding into one corner of the lake, with white caps on the waves and spray fogging up the margins.

“Although strong, the wind felt really warm and I was sure that there would be fish in front of me, with a really good area being a silty gully behind a weedbed around 100 yards out. Feeling for any sort of drop would be tricky as the wind would create a huge bow in my line, but by casting hard and low, I was able to cut through the wind and was happy with how my rigs landed.

“I only had a chance to put the first two out, along with a bit of bait, and as I was getting my last rod ready to go out, I had a massive dropback and connected with a 23lb 5oz mirror that surfed the waves all the way to my net!

“I’d only just put that fish in the retainer when the remaining one ripped off and I was attached to something that scrapped really hard, and I ended up in the lake up to my waist and being pounded by the waves as I played it. Luckily I had no real issues with it as there were no other lines in. the water, and eventually I landed a stunning mirror which weighed in at 32lb 6oz.

“Once I’d sorted that fish out I cast out my last rod, but no sooner had I set the bobbin and it pulled out of the clip and resulted in a scaly 12-pounder. That meant that I’d had three takes in an hour, during this mad winter feeding flurry!”

All of marc’s fish fell to Sticky Baits Peach and Pepper pop-ups fished on slip D-rigs, tied using a size 6 Kamakura Wide Gape to 18lb Dark Matter coated braid, with a Hybrid lead clip and Dark Matter rig tubing to tapered SUBline. He fished over a kilo of crumbed and chopped Krill boilies that he’d scalded with boiling water before spodding it out.