Man on fire

Martin Pick continues his recent form with yet another great result from Wellington Country Park. We caught up with Martin for him to give us the low down on his recent success.

‘I started my session in a swim called the Wide’s. After two days of seeing virtually nothing, I started to question if I’d made the right decision on swim choice. The weather was set for change, pressure was dropping and a fair amount of rain was forecast. Knowing that I was in the wrong swim, I decided to call it a day before all the rain came in. I packed my gear up and rushed it back too the van before the heavens opened. The lake was reasonably empty, so I decided to have a last look around before I left. The weather was looking so good, knowing I had another 24 hours to get on the fish; I started a fresh and treated it like a new session. When I looked in the little lake that adjoins the main lake there were a few fish about. I was stood looking at a couple of fish that looked like twenty’s milling around, when a massive lump of a mirror swam past. I ran back to the van and got my gear out again in the pouring rain. I first set up where I’d seen the fish go past. After about an hour I saw three different fish lump out down to my left near a patch of lily pads. I instantly moved on them and flicked the rods out, all rods went out on the money. I then scattered a handful of DT cold-water mix boilies around them by hand. Around 8pm I had a take, which resulted in a fish called spangles at 38lb 8oz. During the battle it took the other rods out, which isn’t ideal when I had fish over me and it was looking good for another one. I took selftakes of the fish and got the rods back into position. It wasn’t long until one of the rods I’d recently recast was away again. Straight away it felt in a different league, gently plodding around and hanging deep. Finally it graced the net and I realised it was one I really wanted to catch; it was one of the original old big uns called folded tail at 41lb 6oz. Result!

With the weather drastically changing and temperatures dropping each day, I’m making the most of it and hoping my fortune continues.