Making the extra effort pays off for Lawrence East!

Putting in the extra effort to fish a couple of overnight sessions in-between working paid off for Lawrence East when he bagged three fish, including a couple of upper-20s.

A full-time job means that Lawrence usually only gets the weekends to fish, but with him helping on the Korda stand at the Northern Angling Show last weekend it meant that he wouldn’t get a chance to get out, so he decided to scale down his kit and do a couple of quick overnighters during the preceding week.

This was far from ideal as it meant that he had to pack up at 4.55am each morning to head off to work – aside from being very early it was also around the time a lot of the action on the water had been coming. But it was worth the effort as he ended up with two fish of 27lb, plus another of 16lb.

Lawrence revealed: “I decided that I would fish the Tuesday and Thursday nights, and arrived at my club water around 3.30pm for my first trip, only to find that it was very busy, which didn’t come as much of a surprise as it was a glorious spring day and a few fish had been coming out.

“A good friend of mine was already fishing and after a quick lap I noticed some fish showing just to the right of him, so I ended up setting up there so that we could have a bit of a social, plus I knew that I was on a few fish as well.

“I put three rods out as tight together as I could get them, and started off by putting ten Spombs of bait over the top, and I then put out a further three every hour. Nothing happened during the last few hours of daylight, but just as it got dark the left-hand rod pulled up tight and after a spirited battle a lovely 16lb mirror was in the net. I re-positioned the rod, but nothing else happened throughout the night.

“On the Thursday when I arrived around 3pm the lake was packed, but luckily for me an old fella was packing away and that allowed me to drop in behind him. Despite fish showing in front of him all day he hadn’t had anything, but that didn’t concern me too much.

“I cast out three of my usual multi-rigs to where they were showing 76 yards out, and then baited with six Spombs of my spod mix, which consisted of chopped Mainline Cell and Activ-8 boilies, along with matching Response pellets, a couple of tins of Tesco Finest chickpeas, and finished it off with Mainline Bloodworm Particle and Pellet liquid.

“It wasn’t long before my right-hand rod was away and I could immediately tell that it was a decent fish. It managed to kite 80 yards across the peg to my left, but luckily I had my waders on and managed to land it over the top of the angler’s rods next door. It turned out to be a lovely 27lb half linear which made the trip worthwhile, and it was job done.

“Nothing happened over the next few hours until 9pm when the right-hand rod went into meltdown, and after a spirited fight another 27lb mirror was in the net. I was over-the-moon and decided to leave that rod wound in as I had to be away early. That was the end of the action but the fish I’d already had made all the effort worthwhile.”