Make your move!

Korda’s Elliott Gray is never one to rest on his laurels when on the bank – here’s how he stays mobile when targeting big carp.

A stunning common caught quickly after a move

Elliott's naked chod set-up - one of two versions of the rig he uses extensively

You can never stress the importance of keeping mobile too much - being on fish is absolutely vital if you want to be a successful angler.

I would consider myself a very mobile angler, I’ll never avoid a move if I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s not always the most enjoyable of tasks, especially if the weather’s not on your side, but the rewards are there to be had. So far I have had an really enjoyable summer, catching some nice fish, but most satisfyingly of all, I’ve worked hard for them - no one can deny me that.

Seeing signs of fish and moving or staying put accordingly will determine how effective you are. No day is the same and watching for, and then reacting to the signs of carp you see can make or break your sessions.

Occasionally you’ll move and it will turn out to be the wrong move, but you if you don’t follow your instincts in the first place and just sit on your hands, only to realise the next day that you’ve missed an opportunity through laziness, that’s a much worse feeling. It’s far better to try, and fail, than to kick yourself for not even attempting to force the situation in the first place.

I’ll always try and take as little kit as possible but that’s easier said than done if you’re a long way from home and you’re going to be there for a few days. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to cart it all about with you - it’s worth the aching arms when that alarm starts singing, though.

Take what you’ll need, leave what you can afford to leave in the car, in the car, and get ready to be pushing it around a lot. If you arrive with the intention of moving regularly, it’ll seem like far less of a chore. I actually really enjoy moving about and chasing fish, it keeps you active and feeling like it could happen at any moment.

Whilst I’m on the move I’ll often be fishing with pop-ups, which just lend themselves to that style of fishing. The naked chod and my favored version of the hinged stiff-link are two rigs that I use a lot; both rigs enable me to get fishing quickly and effectively. At the same time, though, sometimes I’ll have a good exploratory cast about after a move, it depends on how imminent I feel a bite could be.

The summer is a great time to adopt this approach and the rewards are certainly there to be reaped. I’ve put a lot off effort into my fishing and have been rewarded with a couple of 40-pounders and little bundle of thirties, from four different waters – as I write this, in my last 13 days fishing I have moved 21 times, and each one of these big ‘un’s and many of the other fish I have caught have arrived as a result of a move.