Make sure you don't miss the new Masterclass Volume 5!

The eagerly awaited Masterclass Volume 5 has arrived, and it is packed full of cutting-edge advice and tips to help you put more fish on the bank, and all for free!

Like all of our previous Masterclass releases, this contains loads of great advice from some of the countries top anglers, and whatever level your carp angling ability is currently at, this will definitely help you to improve in the future.

Regardless of where you currently fish, with over three hours of footage there is something for everyone, with Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner going into detail on exactly how they approach different angling situations and get the best from them, resulting in more bites and fish on the bank.

There are five chapters this year, covering everything from the real basics of getting started, right through to tying the latest rig, which is nailing loads of carp both at home and abroad.

Many anglers are intimidated by larger lakes, so in chapter one Danny heads off to a large, windswept pit where he sets about showing you how he approaches it. It is a lake which he hasn’t fished much in the past so he is starting from scratch as he goes about locating the fish and the spots that they are likely to feed on. Over several sessions he begins to become more in tune with the venue and what the fish are doing in certain conditions, and goes through the thought processes behind the changes that he is making. This culminates in the capture of a very special fish!

Often anglers in the spotlight get told that the only reason that they catch so many big fish is because they have access to waters that no one else does, or they can practically live on the top fisheries for weeks at a time. Darrell sets about proving that is far from the case when he turns up at one of the UK’s best day ticket complexes – Bluebell Lakes, in Northampton. There are no roped-off swims or special rules, as he is treated in exactly the same way as any other angler turning up and paying for a day ticket. He settles on fishing Kingfisher Lake, which is home to 19 fish over 40lb, but this means that it is also very popular and finding a swim, let alone the fish, can be a challenge. But Darrell shows how to make the most of the situation and reveals a few little edges that are often over-looked by many.

You have probably all heard of the Spinner or Ronnie rig, as it has been accounting for huge carp all over the UK and across Europe over the past couple of years. Tom Dove has been a big fan of this presentation for some time now, explaining how the rig has evolved and how he likes to set it up. He also look at the tweaks which he makes to it, that allow him to fish it in virtually any angling situation, and why he uses it for pretty much all of his fishing these days.

We all had to start somewhere, and some of us were lucky enough to be friends with a more experienced angler whom we could learn from. Neil Spooner’s mate AJ has been carp fishing for a while and although he has been catching fish he is still unsure about some of the basics, so Neil takes him under his wing as they head to one of the Embryo Angling waters. As well as having a great day and catching some stunning fish to over 20lb, AJ also learnt loads, including how to properly feel the lead to the bottom, which will make a huge difference to his fishing in the future.

The final chapter follows Danny as he heads north to a very deep lake, where fishing in depths of well in excess of 20ft presents its own set of unique challenges. He explores a variety of subjects, including locating suitable spots to present a rig on where the carp are happy to feed, how to accurately bait up in this depth, and how to keep your freebies where you want them.

You can’t afford to miss it and it can be downloaded free-of-charge, at the click of a button, from 6pm Sunday January 21 onwards, either from www.korda.co.uk or via YouTube. It will also be available on DVD, which you will be able to pick up from your local Korda stockist from February onwards.