Make sure you don't miss Episode 3 of Thinking Tackle Online!

The new Thinking Tackle Online series has been a big hit so far and has already covered a lot of different tactics that will help you to put more fish on the bank.

Episode 3 goes live on Sunday, July 1, and sees Simon Scott and Mark Bryant heading north, up to Humberside, to tackle a venue which is like chalk and cheese when compared to the gravel pits which are more typical of the type of lakes found in the areas where they live.

They find themselves on Embryo Angling’s South Ings fishery, a water that neither of them has fished before, and it is very different to what they are used to, with depths averaging 20 foot and dropping down to over 50ft in some places!

Fisheries scientist Simon is particularly interested in fishing this water, as it was stocked with fish from VS Fisheries, which he runs alongside Viv Shears, and he is keen to see how his ‘babies’ are getting on and how they have grown since they were introduced.

Unfortunately, they managed to time their session to coincide with torrential rain and high winds, which certainly doesn’t make life easy for them as they set about trying to tempt a few fish and get to grips with the venue.

This episode provides a good insight into tackling this type of venue and the sort of behaviour that you can expect from the fish in it, and it is very different to shallower venues which are often full of features.

Simon and Mark attack the water differently, so there is plenty to be learnt as they show you exactly what rigs and bait they are using, and the thought processes behind their chosen tactics.

Like with every episode of Thinking Tackle Online, the show is being aired at the same time of year as it was shot. Meaning that you can literally finish watching it and go straight out and put it into practice – hopefully minus the gales and torrential rain though!

Regardless of whether or not you fish this type of water, you will still pick up some great tips which can be applied to your own venues.

The new format of Thinking Tackle Online means that wherever you are, you can watch it whenever you want, and it is available with subtitles in a number of different languages.

Episode three will be available from 7pm, UK time, on Sunday July 1, and can be watched from anywhere in the world via www.korda.co.uk or Korda TV on YouTube.