Magnificent new PB common for Baz Lloyd!

A change of plan was in order for Baz Lloyd when he arrived at his syndicate lake to find that the carp were all spawning.

Luckily the Linch Hill complex also has a couple of day ticket waters, and Baz headed onto Christchurch Lake, a move which paid off big style when he landed this awesome looking 39lb 10oz common to set a new personal best common.

He explained: “The fish on Christchurch had shown no signs that they were going to spawn so I decided to do a few nights on there instead.

“Nothing happened for the first couple of nights and the fish weren’t feeding out in the middle, but a couple had been caught on the back of the wind so I decided to up sticks and move for my final night.

“I chose peg 10, which can be very tricky to get a bite from as it is very weedy with just little spots out in front of it. I don’t normally fish naked chod rigs, but in this situation I decided to give them a go.

“I was already spooled up with 20lb SUBbraid and 20lb IQ leaders to pin everything down and I assembled three chods with Krill Cork Ballers on each rod. Because it was so weedy I’d set up all three rods on Heli-Safe systems to make sure that the lead was dropped on the take.

“I flicked all three out to my chosen areas, taking just one cast for each, and then catapulted a few pouchfuls of Sticky Baits Krill boilies, broken in half, around each rod.

A few fish were showing in the vicinity that evening and it looked good for a bite, and sure enough at 5am the following morning the line pulled up tight and I bent into a powerful fish, and after a spirited fight landed a big common.

“I ran round to Dan Wildbore who was down shooting a feature with me and told him what I’d caught, and he came round to help with the weighing and photos. It was a fish that had previously been my PB three years ago, but it was now 4lb heavier, which is quite impressive for such an old fish. I slipped her back one very happy angler!”