Luke Vallory reveals secrets to overnight success!

Team Korda's Luke Vallory reveals his key strategies for overnight success and how he has been putting a few on the bank, despite often arriving at the lake after dark!

Luke Vallory has been enjoying a great run of carp this winter, despite only having limited time to target them.

Fishing a 5 acre lake with just 30 carp in it he managed to find some fish in a bay and over the space of two weeks he banked three of them during four overnight sessions. The pick of the bunch was a stunning chestnut coloured 32lb mirror, plus a 27lb common and a mirror of the same size.

But then his luck changed, as he explained: “The water in that lake went really murky, so I moved onto another 5 acre pit nearby which has a stock of around 100 carp in it and is perfect as at this time of the year I want to be in with a chance of getting bites.

“I’m self-employed but normally only do an overnighter during the week, and then maybe one night at the weekend. On the mid-week sessions I’m often arriving in the dark and sometimes even packing up in it. I caught a 34lb 8oz mirror plus a 30lb common over a weekend at the end of December but then had a break for a couple of weeks.

“Since going back on there I’ve managed to catch an 18-pounder when the lake was half frozen, and also had a couple of other sessions where I’ve had two in a night, including a 28 lb 12 oz common and a 26 lb mirror.

“The weather has been all over the place this winter, and on my last session it was really windy and in the morning when I came to pack up I couldn’t leave as a tree had come down blocking me in! They came and cleared it but it meant I got a couple of extra hours fishing, even though I never had anything during that time.”

All of Luke’s fish have been falling to Sticky Baits Match-the-Hatch pop-ups fished on hinged stiff rigs constructed from size 6 Choddy hooks, with a 30 lb N-Trap boom section and 20 lb Mouth Trap, and fished over a couple of kilos of Manilla boilies.

Luke’s overnighter tips:

I like to fish my rods tight on one spot and bait tightly as well. On quick overnighters I don’t have time to be finding different spots for all the rods and bait them.

Try and find a couple of swims that you are going to concentrate on, preferably ones that you think will fish in different weather conditions, and carefully mark out your spots. When I turn up in the dark I can quickly measure my rods out to the correct number of wraps and know what direction I’m casting in. So I can get them very accurate, plus all the bait via a spod.

Keep a careful eye on the weather, and if you have any flexibility as to when you fish, try and pick the better nights. That has been even more critical this winter as you’ll get a frost one night with clear skies, then a couple of nights later it will be in double-figures with a nice south-westerly blowing.

I like to thaw my bait out the night before and then soak it in oil, which gives it a chance to soak it all up. I don’t want to be putting part-frozen baits out, and as I like to use broken up boilies it makes it easier if they are softer rather than rock hard and frozen!

Keep your gear to the minimum that you can whilst still being comfortable. I tend to fish under a brolly all year round so that I can set up and pack away quickly.