Luke Vallory lands a new PB with this cracker!

Luke Vallory had a fantastic winter, but once spring arrived it was time to move back onto a harder lake, and it didn’t take him long to get one of his target fish – a fantastic 45lb 8oz mirror known as Bazil.

Luke has been fishing the tricky 60 acre lake for the past three years, but had pulled off in October and didn’t return until this spring, with his first session coinciding with Storm Katie!

He lost one of the big fish in a snag in the margins during that session, and then had to wait until a couple of trips later to land one of the ‘A’ team.

He revealed: “I arrived for a three night session and after the first night I hadn’t seen anything so I moved to the other end of the lake where I’d spotted a couple of carp. I was tired and it was raining, so once I got the rods out I cooked myself some food but the area I was in didn’t really feel right so I decided to move again.

“It tipped it down whilst I was moving and all my gear got wet when the barrow blew over, and I was soaked and thinking about going home, but then it brightened up so I decided to stay.

“I saw a fish back at the end of the lake where I’d started off, in an out of bounds bay which is separated by a long spit covered in bushes. The water level was very high and the fish would be able to swim between the snags and into the swim that I chose.

“I cast along the bushes and then baited with a couple of kilos of Sticky Baits Manila, spreading it over my spots and also in amongst the bushes and into the out of bounds area behind those.

“The next morning I hooked Bazil and was really pleased as it was one of the ones I’d really wanted – I’d had quite a few fish from the lake, but this was the first of the ‘A’ team that I’d caught.”

Successful tackle for Luke included 15lb Touchdown main line with a foot of Dark Matter rig tubing, a lead clip and a 3.5oz distance pear lead, with a hinged stiff rig. This was constructed using a 30lb N-Trap Semi Stiff boom with 25lb Mouth Trap and a size 6 Choddy hook, with a Manila pop-up.